• The application is based on multiple keywords that are used to control the testing process.
• The testing process is automatic and you do not have to modify the code in order to run it.
• You can record and playback the tests you created.
• You can create your own test steps and save them to use later.
• The steps you save will be loaded and executed automatically.
• Using special operations and actions you can modify the test scripts that you use to record.
• You can create methods and reuse them.
• The application displays the step-by-step process of the tests you create, allowing you to follow the steps you created from the start until the end.
• Using the help tools provided by the application, you can easily understand how everything works.
• The test samples help you understand how the application works and how to use the various features.
• The application is a fast application, you can start recording and testing your websites within seconds.
• The recorded tests are very user-friendly and can easily be converted to any language.
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• The application can be used to test any website, the application is completely web based.
• The application can be loaded on any of the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.
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• TestingWhiz COMMUNITY is a 100% cloud application.
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i like this plug-in, but it does not support old IE versions. I need to have one that support that. Please check back soon. Thanks. (if you know please let me know).Q:

Tensorflow Stop Training Error

I am trying to build a model using this tutorial. However, when I run my code I get this error:

RunTimeError: stopping_and_retrying_wrapper() failed: An operation was rejected because the service has stopped. Please ensure the service is correctly configured and started.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with the latest version of Raspbian, and using Python3.7.
Here is the code:
import tensorflow as tf

my_inputs = tf.keras.layers.Input(shape=(1,))
my_outputs = tf.keras.layers.Dense(3)(my_inputs)

model = tf.keras.models.Model(inputs=my_inputs, outputs=my_outputs)

predictions = model.predict(input_data=(my_inputs))

Please let me know if there is any other information I need to add.


I would recommend using raspbian jessie. When I try to run your code I get:
tf.errors.FailedPreconditionError: Attempting to use uninitialized value dense_11

This is because TF requires that layers are initialized before they are used, so a few things you can try:

Upgrade to TF 2.0.
Change from raspbian jessie to jessie.

After making these changes, I can successfully run your code.

with the requirements of Rule 10b-5. The plaintiff’s remedy lies with the SEC; we are powerless to grant the relief that she requests