Web Slurper application was designed to be a simple but useful tool that will help users download partial or entire websites for offline viewing.
Here are some key features of “Web Slurper”:
■ Enable the user to download a website of a certain depth for offline browsing which are converted into relative links
■ The Web Slurper 2.0 can also stop and resume a particular download task
■ Download status are available via a tabbed panel which has a status tree and status table in it.
■ Both HTTP and FTP protocol are supported.
■ FTP leeching are also supported
■ Support scheduled downloads of more than 24 hours.
■ Support Multiple running downloads
■ Flexibility in user defined settings such as
■ number of spider threads per download
■ number of retry per site
■ connection timeout
■ HTML attributes to be parsed by the parser
■ Form Login Authentication attribute to be parsed by the parser
■ Download Region
■ File Format Exclusion
■ Direct editing functionality in the download status table
■ Error reporting mechanism for download errors
■ Support link redirection
■ Basic parser for dynamic links like asp, jsp, php extension and automatic conversion to html format for offline browsing.
■ Download progress bar is shown in the status table
■ Smart downloads of only newer file signature
■ Support Cookies
■ Java platform installed







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Web Slurper is the ultimate web downloader. It is an offline browser which takes any web page from any website and displays it in the browser. It is the best way to browse websites that are not available on the internet.
Download URL:

Page Stats:
Number of Downloads: 42,594
Number of downloads in last 30 days: 1,816
Top 5 Downloads:
1. Facebook Mobile App
2. Facebook Locker
3. Facebook Messenger
4. Facebook iPhone/iPad
5. Facebook Messenger for Android
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The Web Slurper is a website crawler to get Web pages from any web site. It supports HTTP and FTP protocol to download files. The Web Slurper can also stop and resume a particular download task as well.
Version 2.0.0 of Web Slurper supports the following features.
1. Both HTTP and FTP protocol are supported.
2. Web Slurper can also stop and resume a particular download task.
3. Download status are available via a tabbed panel which has a status tree and status table in it.
4. Both HTML and RSS feeds can be downloaded.
5. Download region to control the download area.
6. The Web Slurper is an offline web browser.
7. Support dynamic and relative links.
8. Form login authentication can be fetched by the Web Slurper.
9. HTML attributes can be used for parsing.
10. File format exclusion can be done.
11. Link redirection can be performed.
12. Support cookies and cache.
13. HTTP or FTP get or post request can be performed by the Web Slurper.
14. Website generation and data conversion can be done.
15. Statistics of the downloaded pages can be shown.
16. User defined settings such as the number of spider threads per download, number of retry per site, and the connection timeout can be used by the user.
Web Slurper 2.0.0 is available at

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Web Slurper

■ The Web Slurper is available for free download at this URL:

The Latest version of the Downloader can be downloaded at this URL:

Web Slurper contains:
■ Web Slurper 2.0 Application
■ Java Web Start 2.0 application
■ Web Slurper Demo
■ License Agreement
■ Readme.txt
For more information, the technical FAQ at this URL:

And for more information, please join our discussion group at this URL:

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Technical FAQ
What is it about?
Web Slurper is an open source offline HTML browser application. It can be used as a stand alone application or it can be used as a HTML editor to convert the downloaded HTML files to offline HTML.
Why should I use it?
Web Slurper is an ideal offline HTML browser because it’s fast, uses minimal CPU and RAM and it can support direct editing of HTML file.
It’s a simple but powerful HTML editor that supports direct editing, in place replacement, rearrangement of elements and support of various HTML tags.
How does it work?
Web Slurper uses a Java Robot class to automatically browse HTML sites and to download the HTML pages that can be displayed directly in the application, or converted to offline HTML files.
How is it different from the other online HTML browser?
Web Slurper uses Java Robot class to browse web pages and to download all of the HTML pages that can be opened directly in the application.
So, Web Slurper is fast, has very low CPU and RAM usage and it’s a stand alone application.
How do I use it?
Web Slurper supports all modern web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE etc. It supports desktop and mobile web browsers with two options (from Browser Control Bar)
■ Browse and View – Browse

What’s New in the?

Web Slurper is a basic web crawler which enables a user to save the entire or part of a website for offline viewing.
The user interface of the application is very simple and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge.
The following features are available:
■ The user can choose to select a particular depth of the website to be downloaded.
■ The user can also select to pause or resume a particular download.
■ A special log file for all download activity is provided.
■ A tabbed panel on the left side is available for all other download activities.
■ The download status of all the downloads are provided in the download status table on the right side.
■ In case a particular download is paused the tabbed panel on the left side shows the paused download.
■ The application can also download web pages from an FTP server.
■ In case the download from an FTP server fails the following events can be handled:
■ – The download is paused
■ – The download is restarted
■ – The url of the failed download is displayed in the status table
■ – If the download is paused and the server is unavailable, the task will be rescheduled after a certain period.
■ The settings can be customized using a JSON object.
■ The source code is provided.


New BSD License

Heng Cheng
Web Developer at Home

Copyright (C) 2013 This is free software. You may copy, modify, distribute,
and perform under the terms of the License a copy of the Software. If not
available for any legal reason, a full copy of the license is included on
the software’s “License” file. See the License file for details.

On September 5, 2012, a lighr version of the application called Web Slurper
was released. At that time the application was undergoing major changes.
This one is known as the Web Slurper 2.0.

Web Slurper is an open-source app for browsing the World Wide Web.
The goal is to help you save a website or a section of a website for offline

Web Slurper is available for:
– Windows and Linux
– MacOS X




System Requirements:

Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP
Intel Pentium 3.0GHz or better
2 GB of RAM
16 GB of available hard disk space
A video card compatible with DXVA 2.0
Recommended driver: nVidia GeForce 7 series
Installation Notes:
1. To install the Trespasser you must be logged in as the Administrator of the computer.
2. Your video card driver will need to be updated if the latest driver is not compatible with Trespasser.
3. You need to have sound driver