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Wednesday, February 19, 2013

Workout with PCC team

We have been back to the weights at YMCA for the last few days.

The workout today was quite different in that we had exercise, not only weights.

(We had to start their program off before we started our own.)

It was all about strengthening muscles in our upper body. Then a short circuit
workout including walking, pull ups, squats, push ups, sit ups, and a
couple laps around the outside of the building.

We had great teamwork today.

When we stretched and walked to the locker room area, we walked as a
group. Before we put on our shoes, we took off our shoes so we could
move even faster. When we walked around the outside of the building to do
our laps, we walked as a group. And when we did our exercise, we did it in a
group, which of course made it even harder.

When we finished our exercise, we went back to the locker room and
unpacked and put our shoes back on. Then we headed back to the weights
for our weights workout.


You are on a roll, sweety! Terrific workout and I love the way you, Vicki and Kari work together. You are a great team. I know it wasn’t too cold out and you had to warm up right? That is what I have to do when I am working out in a cold place.

I love how you two work together, so you made it really interesting for me. You look great Vicki. You look a lot like yourself today. You are going to look super hot in your new black top before those cute caramel eyes of yours are done looking up at me one of these days.

What a fun workout! I could see the “teamwork” today – I love that! Great job! Super proud of all of you! It’s so hard sometimes to do workouts without my family, but knowing you all are working out together makes it easier.


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