* Very easy to use – with an intuitive menu, conversions are nearly
automatic. Even if you’ve never used photo-editing programs before,
you’ll be able to convert your images in a matter of seconds.
* Zero configuration – in many cases, almost all settings are automatically
detected, and can be adjusted only if you wish to change them. For
example, where no gamut is specified, your images will be converted
to the closest gamut that is available.
* Can save partially converted images to disk or to an Image Viewer.
* Extensive error and control messages are sent to the command line
* Optionally – and where used – convert multiple files in a batch

Review and change many details of the conversion process:
* Conversion location – you can set the current directory and its subdirectories
to convert, and you can specify the name of the resulting JPEG image
when it is created.
* Image size – you can specify the size of the output image, and either
keep or drop the input file’s size.
* Preview – you can preview the conversion of one or more files,
or adjust the preview settings as if you were performing the conversion.
* Quality – you can select a preset quality for the conversion.
* JPEG color space – you can select between Photoshop-compatible,
Adobe RGB, and sRGB color spaces, and even set a custom color space.
* JPEG compression – you can control the level of JPEG compression that
is applied, and whether it is lossless or lossy compression.
* Quantization – you can change the size of the quantization tables
used in the conversion, as well as the size of the output color
tables. You can also specify whether the tables are quantized
uniformly for all colors or in terms of luma only.
* RGB color management – you can apply (or not apply) the International
Color Consortium’s (ICC) profile-based RGB color-space conversions.
* Gamma and color effects – you can specify the amount of gamma
correction applied, the gamma mode, the color temperature, and
the color effects.
* JPEG block processing – you can apply or not apply the JPEG
standard’s block processing function, either with or without
progressive mode processing. You can also specify whether the
blocks should be clipped or dropped.
* 384a16bd22

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* 01-decompress midi file : convert midi file to standard midi file
* 02-compress midi file : compress midi file to standard midi file
* 03-decompress midi file : convert standard midi file back to midi file
* 04-compress midi file : compress standard midi file back to midi file
MIDCOMPR [options] file-to-compress.mid midi-file-to-compress.midi
MIDCOMPR [options] file-to-compress.mid midi-file-to-compress.midi
[compress to file] file-to-compress.mid midi-file-to-compress.mid
[compress to file] file-to-compress.mid midi-file-to-compress.mid
[compress to file] file-to-compress.mid midi-file-to-compress.mid
[decompress from file] midi-file-to-compress.mid file-to-compress.mid
[decompress from file] midi-file-to-compress.mid file-to-compress.mid
If file-to-compress.mid exists, it will be decompressed.
If file-to-compress.midi exists, it will be decompressed.
If you do not specify any file, it will be decompressed.
If you do not specify any midi file, it will be decompressed.
If you do not specify any file or midi file, it will be decompressed.
* -d : enable debug mode
* -v : display the number of bytes (and characters) of data compressed or
* -a : use aac encoder
* -e : use EAC encoder
* -z : increase the compression level (2 to 9, default 2)
* -s : use sampling rate conversion
* -f : force to overwrite files
* -c : do not compress midi files
* -h : display the help message
* -v0 : disable verbosity and debug messages
* -V0 : enable verbosity and debug messages
* -v5 : display the version number
* -V5 : display the version number