This Video Will Show You 

How To Fund Your Retirement In One Smart Move

Your money worries are about
to be over for good… because

I’m about to reveal an investment that is about to take off and there’s a very real chance of turning each $1 you invest Into $121

This means an investment of $1000 could return $121,000, and an investment of $10,000 could return 1.21 million dollars

If that seems far fetched, I agree. Yet, when I show you the proof and how many times it’s happened before, you’ll see I’m being conservative in my estimate!

This is an investment that banks, billionaires, governments, and public companies are buying behind your back while telling you not to

It’s disgusting, but also par for the course

They want the ordinary investor to miss out so they make all the money. If you can get in now, this is your chance to never worry about running out of money again!

Hello, and thank you for watching, my name is Iman Shafiei

If you want to comfortably retire yourself soon, you must act right now, here’s why

If you are lucky enough to have any money set aside for the future, there’s a big chance it won’t be there when you need it

The stock market is bouncing
up and down like a yo yo

Maybe you made money, maybe you lost money, who even knows anymore!

Prices keep going up...

Statistically, 85% of people watching this video will run out of money long before they run out of life

Do you ever wonder if you will have
enough for when you really need it?

If so, let me ask you a question

Would you like me to show you an asset that has had an average yearly return of 85% over the last decade?

Not only that, thanks to a perfect storm of events, we’re now looking at possible 121x returns or more this year

In an age where we have to fight to even get 1% on our money anymore, this could be the big break you’ve been waiting for

And we need it because things aren’t going to suddenly get better…

The stock market will keep crashing

Taxes will keep going higher

Health care costs will keep skyrocketing

The bankers and wall street criminals will keep finding ways to take our money

And the government will do everything they can to help them

It’s clear we have to help ourselves

And each other

We can no longer simply pray
everything will work out…

If we want a different result than what we have, we have to do something different than what we are doing

That requires an open mind

 I’m asking you to have an open mind today. There are big forces working very hard to keep you from investing in this

All I offer are the facts. You make up your own mind on what they mean for you

If you can really understand what I’m about to tell you, your life will never be the same again, I promise that

Because investors who really understand
this can become legitimately wealthy

Andsee returns like these…

These are real returns from a special event that happened 4 years ago. That same event is happening right now…

They don’t want you to know about this because they want all the money for themselves

They’re all crooks, you can see them laughing at us from inside the clubhouse doors.

It’s a disgrace how hard working people are being CHEATED out of their wealth

I read an article online that said most men over 50 will financially support both, their aging parents, and their children

I know my parents were afraid…

They only managed to save up around $200,000

But that doesn’t last long in today’s world and they were afraid of running out…

But thanks to what I’m about to share with you, they never have to worry about money again

The facts I’m about to tell you are publicly available, and you can easily validate every claim I make

Let’s begin

What is the asset that’s about to take off so high that we can potentially turn each $1 into $121 or more?


You are probably thinking one of two things right now:

“Hmm. Ok, I’m listening. What do you got Iman”

Or you’re thinking

“I don’t want anything to do with Bitcoin, I watched this damn video for nothing”

And if that’s what you’re thinking, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Before you go, I will just mention something you might not want to hear

Your refusal to look at Bitcoin as a potential investment is exactly the reason you aren’t as financially secure as you want to be right now


Value doesn’t care about how we feel about it. A stock has no feelings, neither does a piece of land…

The moment an investor begins to make decisions based on facts and logic, is the moment he becomes a real investor

Allow me a few minutes to lay out the cold hard facts on why someone would have to be absolutely nuts to pass up on Bitcoin right now

Bitcoin is not new, it was invented January 2009 as an ‘fu’ you to the bank bailouts and great recession of 2008

It was invented as a safe, secure, private form of money the government can't get their greedy hands on

Since 2009, the constant growth of Bitcoin has been nothing short of astonishing

Bitcoin used to trade at 8 cents,
now it’s selling at $9,000

(Bitcoin Graph 2010 - 2020)
And no sign of slowing down

How is this possible?

Because of the way it was created…

Bitcoin has built in DEFLATION, while the US dollar (like all other currencies) has INFLATION built into it

So while the US dollar has lost 97% of
it’s value, Bitcoin keeps GAINING in value

If you bought $1,000 of Bitcoins in 2010, your stash would now be worth over 204 million dollars today…

For over a decade now, people have been saying Bitcoin is a fad or a bubble, but year after year it keeps proving them wrong

Bitcoin is real money and it’s
here to stay. Want proof?

You’ll now be able to buy Bitcoin at your local 7-11, CVS, or Rite Aid

This is rolling out right now as we speak - Bitcoin available to 328 million people all at once

What do you think will happen to the price of Bitcoin when the entire population of the US can suddenly buy it at their most trusted corner stores?

This one announcement alone, will cause Bitcoin to skyrocket, it’s just simple math

But… there are two other BIG pieces of news that are creating a perfect storm of opportunity I’ll tell you about in this video

Can you begin to see how turning $1 into $121 is not so far fetched when you begin to add up the numbers?

You are still early if you invest in Bitcoin now, even though it has already grown so much

Here’s why

Investing in some Bitcoin now will pay off in the future, more than anything else you could invest in…

Whatever you do, don’t dismiss Bitcoin
like the pizza guy did back in 2010…

Did you know that on May 22, 2010, a Florida man paid for two large pizzas with Bitcoin? He bought the pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin, only worth $41 dollars at the time…

Those 10,000 Bitcoins are now
worth 9.4 million dollars…

Some people like to compare Bitcoin to gold. They call it “digital gold”. And although its true in that Bitcoin doesn’t lose it’s value…

95% of Bitcoin’s trading days
have been profitable

It’s very different from gold in that gold holds its value, while Bitcoin grows in value

In 2012, one ounce of
gold was $1700…

Today, the price of gold is $1700

In 2012, one bitcoin was $13.00

Today, the price of one
Bitcoin is $9,400

Imagine you bought Bitcoin years ago… you’d be rich today

Imagine yourself a few years from now, looking back at this moment and remembering you didn’t get some Bitcoin…

but your neighbor did… and now he’s a multi-millionaire

Remember when I said that Bitcoin is about to be available at every 7-11, CVS, and Rite Aid, giving 328 million people instant access to it?

There’s another piece of news that is just as big as that

Paypal and Venmo are about to give instant access to Bitcoin for all of it’s 365 million active customers

Combine that with the US rollout we just talked about, and you have over 680 million people getting access to Bitcoin in a matter of a few months

It’s virtually impossible to lose
money investing in Bitcoin

As if all this wasn’t enough…

There’s one more BIG bombshell that makes this the perfect storm of opportunity for early investors

It’s actually the biggest bombshell of them all

And it happens once every 4 years

And this year just so happens to
be the year it happens again

The event is called a “reserve split”, or halving. Everytime Bitcoin goes through a halving, we see price increases of biblical proportions by the end of the year…

It happens every 4 years, and its going to happen this year too!

This one surge alone, experts are predicting a minimum 121x return, possibly into the thousands…

Mix this with the fact that every corner in the US will have Bitcoin access, and over 300 million Paypal users will too, and the fact that Bitcoin’s price always goes up over time…

You might be able to see how you can take a little bit of money and get rich from Bitcoin. People do it all the time

But have you noticed that the news, and investing authority figures always slam Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

I’ve come to learn that because there’s obscene money to be made in Bitcoin and digital currencies right now, that is is exactly why you’re being told to stay away from them

I’m convinced investing in digital currencies is the biggest wealth opportunity of the decade that most people will completely miss out on

And the only reason more people aren’t investing in them is because the institutions and people we trust most are lying to us about it

The only problem with that is what they tell you to do, and what they do behind your back, are two very different things…

Let’s start with Jamie Dimon, the billionaire chairman and CEO of JP Morgan

This liar publicly bashed crypto as a “fraud”
and people who bought them as “stupid”

He said that he’ll fire any
traders who buy Bitcoin…

Yet at the exact same time, he was helping his own clients trade Bitcoin.

Then just 2 years later...

JPMorgan launched its own cryptocurrency

Maybe that thumbs up should
be a middle finger…

The largest bank in the US launched its own digital currency while simultaneously telling us ordinary folk it’s garbage

Then we got Mr. Warren Buffett

He called Bitcoin “rat poison”

But Berkshire Hathaway is Bank of
America’s largest shareholder

Bank of America holds 82 cryptocurrency patents
more than any other company on earth

Bank of America is the second largest bank in the US and is also set to use the cryptocurrency called Ripple for interbank transfers because “they’re cheaper, quicker and more effective”

Citigroup is the 3rd largest bank in the US, and they banned
people like you and I from using our credit cards
to purchase cryptocurrencies…

Citigroup will now offer crypto custody solutions only to
its institutional, big money, smart money clients

Starting to see a pattern here?

Just a few weeks ago Goldman Sachs told it’s retail investors (small time guys like you and I) that Bitcoin is a bad investment

But that’s not what’s happening
behind the scenes….

Morgan Stanley released a report in 2018 stating that “cryptocurrencies are now an institutional asset class”

Why do they lie? To keep you out until they can get in, take control, lock in their positions, and make all the money off you getting in late

It’s all happening right under your nose

Everyone says cryptocurrency is worthless...

While secretly setting themselves up to profit from all the dummies who get in late

Banks & governments don’t want the average American to profit, they’ve always been in the business of stealing wealth

You know what they say:

The house always wins…

The game is rigged

So when I discovered the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, and the 6 largest banks in the US were all in on it, I knew I had to get to the bottom of this

The truth is, I didn’t want to miss
out on making money too

 I found out that not only were banks all in on cryptocurrency, but governments are too!

 This is earth shattering news

China announced it will launch a Central Bank Digital Currency possibly backed by gold

The Bank of International Settlements recently surveyed 66 Central Banks and 80% of them are working on a Central Bank Digital Currency

I’ll say it a different way: 80% of all governments are replacing cash with their own digital money

The world’s largest public
companies are all in too

Walmart is launching a“stablecoin”

Facebook is launching Libra

… are all getting in

Along with banks all over the world

Bank of New York Mellon

Deutsche Bank


Credit Suisse Corp




HSBC Holdings

Those banks are all working on a cryptocurrency project together

As if all this wasn’t shocking enough, the institutional money gearing up to pour into cryptocurrency TRULY says it all…

Institutional money is companies who invest other people’s funds… hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, and insurance companies

The company that owns the New York Stock Exchange, as well as another 27 exchanges around the world, have launched the BAAKT exchange, providing crypto access to institutional players

And they just launched the first ever regulated Bitcoin options contract in December

Nasdaq is considering launching its
own crypto futures product…

and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
plans to launch Bitcoin options this year

This is why Paul Tudor Jones, one of the most successful investors of all time just bought 100 million dollars worth of Bitcoin

And why the owner of Twitter has been buying $10,000 worth of Bitcoin every week for an entire year

What in god’s name is going on?

They’re getting obscenely wealthy,
that’s what’s going on

I’ll let you in on a little secret:
Cryptocurrency is very profitable right now

Millions of people are already making money investing in cryptocurrency

The kind of returns that are possible in crypto right now would be completely unbelievable if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes

Bitcoin is incredible, and you must pick some up, but here is a sample how some of the other ones are doing too…

Most investors don’t even know about
Bitcoin and how lucrative it really is…

And even fewer people know that a whole separate class of cryptocurrencies known as altcoins created a lot more wealth.

After bitcoin’s first halvening, an altcoin called litecoin soared more than 7,000%

After bitcoin’s second halvening, an altcoin called verge shot up 1,362,400%!

That would have turned $5,000 into
$68 million in just 12 months

I think you can see why I’m so
adamant about showing you this

and why this is setting up to be one of the fastest wealth-creation events in modern history

We have a perfect storm of biblical proportions colliding together…

And the time to move is now

Even just one more day on the sidelines can mean the difference between barely retiring…

...and retiring filthy rich.

So what do you do?

You must start investing in cryptocurrency TODAY

You don’t need to invest a lot, in fact, I think it would be foolish to bet your life savings on digital currencies

Start with a couple hundred bucks

Make it back then play with the house’s money

This doesn’t have to be risky

It’s easy

All you have to do is take a small
position early and sit tight

But you gotta move now

The first question you probably have
is “can I really do this?”


My 7 year old niece invests in cryptocurrency

I know it seems confusing and complicated

But I promise you it’s easy

I know what it’s like to be interested in new things like this but also scared because you know very little about it…

And because it’s a digital asset, that also scares a lot of people because most of us aren’t computer geeks and the idea of a digital asset makes little sense

I understand because I
was once like you

Curious yet skeptical,
Hopeful yet cautious

But it got to the point where
I could no longer ignore it…

I kept seeing it mentioned on Youtube, Facebook and the media

I saw a Facebook post in 2016 that said I can make 10% per month investing in crypto, alI had to do was give them $5,000 and they’ll invest it for me in their fund

I never saw my money again. There were no returns, there was no “fund”. They took my money and kept it for themselves

That hurt. $5,000 was a lot of
money to me back then

Most people would be too hurt by an experience like that to continue, but it
made me even more determined

I wasn’t about to let a few bad apples scare me away from possibly the biggest opportunity of my lifetime

At the time, I was working at a software security company, and building my own business in the evenings, and every single night I would study how to be a successful cryptocurrency investor

I became obsessed with reading the markets, analyzing price trends, and predicting where the markets would go

I started making good money so I quit my job. I also enrolled in the famous MIT College to take classes on cryptocurrency and blockchain

It took me over 400 days and tens of thousands of dollars of my own money experimenting, but I eventually cracked the code

In 2017, I made $850,000 in Bitcoin
over the course of a few months

 I made a pretty penny investing in other digital currencies as well. I knew which coins were on their way up and which coins were on their way down

I wasn’t perfect, but my accuracy rate for picking coins that will
go up is around 90%

Money was coming in so fast, my friends didn’t even believe me at first, and my father thought I was dealing drugs

I told them the cryptocurrency market is bigger than most people think - there are millions of people investing, and over 60 billion dollars moving in and out of
the market every single day

When I retired from my job for good, they begged me to help them invest too

A question I get all the time is
“what do I do when these cryptocurrencies go up in value? what do I do with my winnings?”

I told my father he can do anything he wants with his profits…

He can keep them in his “digital wallet” and let them grow in value

He can take some of his profits,
and trade them for gold

He can cash out into his local currency

I told him you can buy anything with Bitcoin these days, someone even bought a house with Bitcoin!

You can buy flights, pay for vacations, buy groceries, or gifts for family and friends…

It’s your money. And it’s safe, private, secure, and nobody even needs to know you have any (shhh)

After I began teaching my friends how to invest the right way and pick the right coins, I started documenting exactly how I did it

It’s a simple system, especially since I’ve perfected the process of picking coins that go up. I have a 90% success rate, and returns are between 40% and 11,000% depending on the coin

I know 11,000% seems like a lot, and it is - but that’s because we are still in the first wave of the cryptocurrency market

Returns this high won’t last forever

Remember how I told you earlier that Virtually every single fortune 500 company, bank, government, institutional investor, Paypal, 7-11, and CVS are starting to go all in on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

This splash of activity will create a wave so large, it will overtake and drown anyone who didn’t get on it early enough to ride the second wave

The first wave occurred in 2017 and we saw billionaires being made in weeks, teenagers becoming millionaires overnight, and semi-retired truck drivers never having to work again

The price of Bitcoin hasn’t even begun to rise to its potential, even though it’s already gone up exponentially

Bitcoin for example, has gone
up 8,760,000% since 2011

Imagine investing $1000 and
having $8,760,000 today

Today, you can buy one Bitcoin for around $9,000. You can buy a full coin or just a tiny piece of one

Experts predict one Bitcoin will be worth $50,000 to $1,000,000 over the next 1-5 years

I know cryptocurrencies are still
fairly new and a little scary

Some people confide in me that the volatility in cryptocurrency prices can make them feel uneasy about dipping their toes in the pool

But volatility is totally fine as long as the long term price trend is higher. You want to invest, not trade. Only broke investors care about short term price fluctuations

If there is an important short term move to make,  I’ll make sure to let you know about it

I know it seems confusing and complicated

But I promise you it’s easy

I will even hold your hand every step of the way,
showing you how to get setup quickly and safely

I’ve been investing most of my adult life

By 19 years old, I had already built and sold a company for over a million dollars, and I’ve made nearly another million investing in cryptocurrency

You see, after I studied at the prestigious MIT, I became obsessed in looking for digital currencies that were going up long term, and exploding short term

I read endless books, invested thousands of dollars, traveled the globe more times than I can count, and even met the founders of many crypto coins…

All in my pursuit to find the diamonds among the coal

And trust me, there’s a lot of coal out there

95% of all coins are worthless and will fall to zero

If there’s just one piece of advice I could give you today it would be to not even think of buying Bitcoin or cryptocurrency without having a trusted guide at your side

You don’t want to lose money like I did

Always take advice from someone
who knows what they are doing

The problem with cryptocurrencies isn’t lack of opportunity… there’s too much opportunity to make money! The challenge is figuring out which ones will blow sky high, and which ones are duds

That’s what took me 400 days of experimentation, MIT, meeting cryptocurrency owners… I wanted
all the unfair advantage I could get

I began sharing my unfair advantages
with my friends and family

When they started making money too, I realized I have something that can really change people’s lives

I began tutoring and mentoring
complete strangers

I absolutely can’t stand all these bankers and crooked wall street sharks who prey on people just trying to make an honest living

A big reason why I do this is to give the middle finger to these old institutions who are not for the people… they are for themselves...

And I know they sit around in their private little clubhouse, scheming how to best take all of our money from us. I love that I can put some of this power back in the hands of the people it belongs to

So I created my own club. Let them have their crappy club. I’d rather have morals, and be a little bit rich, than be empty inside and filthy rich

I’ll reveal the name of my club in a minute, but let me show you a little bit of what's going on behind closed doors of our club

589% from one coin

$200 into $4,367 in 20 days

“458% Profit in 2 months”

Hundreds of people just like them are making similar returns and just a few months ago they were clueless about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency!

Yes this is real. I’m not pulling your leg and this isn’t a joke. This isn’t an infomercial, and I’m not some slick talking salesman. This is real and I’m just doing my best to help you see that

How is it possible for people to make this much money knowing so little about digital currencies?

They follow my proven MITT system

It’s taken me 3 years to “perfect”, but I must admit, it’s still not perfect

No matter how much I wish, my system can’t be right all of the time… No system can. If someone tells you they have a magic system that works all the time? Run for the hills

The reason my portfolio returns are anywhere from 40% up to even 11,000% is due to my special way of predicting price movement and long term trends

I invented this incredible system of coin picking while I was studying at the highly respected MIT University

I was investing in cryptocurrency but my returns were hit and miss. One week I’d be up 2500%, but the next week I was down 50%

I don’t like rollercoasters in real life, and I certainly don’t like them in my investing life either!

I became obsessed with finding a reliable way to predict which coins would go up, instead of down

No matter which approach I used to forecast the performance of a cryptocurrency, it
only worked some of the time

If I analyzed a coin with the age old strategy of fundamental analysis, I’d be
right roughly 30% of the time

If I listened to the marketing hype, I’d
get only 22% returns on average

I would often research the technology behind a cryptocurrency, and when I’d discover something BIG with industry shaking potential… my predictions would only pan out 35% of the time

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t
seem to anything above 50%

Until October 4th, 2016

That was the day MITT was born

It hit me like a brick to the face

The problem was obvious: I was testing all the popular forecasting strategies one-by-one

Instead of combining them…

So that’s what I did

When I combined marketing analysis with industry analysis, my success rate went up 42%

When I combined technology analysis with team & company analysis, my win rate was 45%

And when I combined
them all together?
I’d make the right prediction  89% of the time

Marketing Analysis
Industry Analysis
Team Analysis
Technology Analysis

MITT is the most accurate cryptocurrency predictive research system on the planet

And today, you have an opportunity
to try my system out for yourself

The best part is that it works no matter if the market is going up or down!

In 2017 I was funneling $10,000 per month into Bitcoin
when it was priced around $600 per coin…

I was buying 15 Bitcoin per month…

I cashed out 50 Bitcoin to USD when it hit
$17,000 for a $750,000 payday

But it gets even better…

In 2018, the cryptocurrency market
took a temporary dive like all markets do

But you’ll never guess what happened next…

Because of the mathematical framework
I created for analyzing coin patterns…

I was making money even
when the market was “bad”

It doesn’t matter what the market is doing,
my coin picking system makes money

I wrote a widely read book on cryptocurrencies
“The Intelligent Bitcoin Investor”, and invented a smart software that can find and locate good investing opportunities for investors

Featured on Yahoo news, Fox, Reuters, and Marketwatch

There’s never been anything like cryptocurrency
for collecting a fortune in retirement income

And I believe the rise of Bitcoin and a few other digital currencies will eventually make more millionaires than the internet did

I’m all in so you don’t have to be. You don’t need to be crazy like me, all you have to do is be an insider in my private club and I’ll show you how to invest in this stuff before everyone else gets in on it later this yea

This is your shot, this is really it

We both know the financial system is rigged against us… that’s exactly why Bitcoin was created… To put the power back in our hands

The bankers, stockbrokers, and politicians can take their evil little club and shove it, because I created a better club…

A tiny investment in the right
cryptocurrencies right now…

Could change your life and your family’s fortune in
the next decade. That’s what I want for you.

So, to help you take advantage of this opportunity

I’m going to help you do two things
over the next few months:

I’m going to help you get some Bitcoin

You have to do it safely, securely, and you need to know where to go and who to trust

Trying to get some on your own is financial suicide. Don’t make the same mistakes I did

I also believe it’s financial suicide to not invest in Bitcoin. For many people, missing out will be the single biggest regret in their life when it comes to their retirement and future. Those who refuse adapt to change will live out their last years in desperation and embarrassment…

I’m going to take you by the hand and get you setup, invested, and positioned.

I want to be clear: I don’t have any affiliations with companies or services, and I’m not some
brand ambassador in disguise…

I’m just a guy who figured out how big this opportunity is, and pissed off at our government for allowing innocent people to be screwed over by the powers that be

I created the Keystone Investors Club so you have a place you can go for real answers, advice, and truth

2. The second thing I’m going to help you with is building up a small portfolio of other profitable digital currencies

My head researcher and I, are going to give you the best and most “profit likely” crypto picks every single month...

Unlike other lazy services and clubs who
only give you picks every quarter

We want you making money now and having
the most up to date information

Billionaire and corporate insiders are investing millions of dollars of their own money – in preparation for making billions more…

And you can invest right alongside them thanks
to my system of research and prediction

Which is why I want to invite you
to join my insiders club

Right now, a simple $100 stake in cryptocurrency…

Could hand you enough income in the next few years to retire rich enough to live life on your own terms

If that doesn't excite you…

Or if you aren’t willing to risk $100 in a
few different cryptocurrencies to test the waters…

To potentially collect: $21,666… $23,798…
$49,520… and even $85,487…

Then my club probably isn’t
suited for someone like you

But if you missed out on every other
big boom in the last 30 years…

Or you need to stack up the level of
your current retirement savings…

Then Keystone Investors Club is the
answer you’ve been looking for

Good things come when you least expect it

Maybe you didn’t think you’d be making
a decision like this right now

But good things come when you least expect it

God works in mysterious ways

I’ve stopped trying to bend the world into what I want it to be… instead, I accept it for what it is…

And embrace new beginnings that come my way

When you join the club today, you'll have my personal help, along with my entire team, every step of the way

In taking advantage of my step-by-step to get 40%, 115%, and even 11,000% returns

Once you are all set up, it takes about five to ten minutes of your time to put a new coin into your portfolio, It’s not complicated and anyone can do it

Even though anyone can do it, not everyone will do it. They won’t get help, they won’t even bother investing at all

Can you imagine how people must have felt back in the 90’s when they turned down
the chance to invest in the internet?

Missing out is a very real pain

In 1977, a man named Roy Raymond started a little company you may have heard of called Victoria’s Secret

Through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, he built the company to a respectable size before selling it for 1 million dollars in 1982

Roy Raymond was happy with his million dollars, and why shouldn’t he be, that’s a good amount of money for a job well done

Two years later, Victoria’s Secret
grew to over 500 million dollars…

Roy jumped off the Golden Gate bridge

This could make you financially free in just the next few years. But you need to take the first step today

Thanks to the club, people who thought they were too late to build wealth, now have a second chance to be well off and live a comfortable life

And please don’t worry if you’ve never invested
in cryptocurrencies before!

I’ll hold your hand every-step-of-the-way, from setting up an account, to buying your first Bitcoin

It’s so easy and simple to get started,
even if you aren’t computer savvy

I can prove it right now

I have no idea how electricity really works but if you tell me to flick that light switch over there…

I can turn the light on without
understanding the technology behind it

Same goes for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

You don’t need to understand it
to take advantage of it

Heck, even William Shatner is all in!

Only the bold among us will prevail through these hard times. It’s risk or regret - everything is scary until you do it

The best part of all this is you don’t have to put everything you have into this opportunity, you can put as little as you like! This is a minor decision with major consequences

I want to personally take you by the hand and teach you to be a wise cryptocurrency investor.

Not only that, I also want to give you the inside scoop
on the markets with my heavily researched

Highly accurate market forecasts and coin picks…

Always keeping you updated and ahead of the general public so you know exactly what to do with perfect clarity and confidence

And it’s only available to members of the Keystone Investors Club

The Keystone Investors Club is a family of insiders… young and old, brand new and professional investors…

where my analysts and I share the latest research, forecasts, tips, insights, and learning courses with our private members

It’s the ultimate shortcut and the only cryptocurrency system in the world that

provides its members with researched picks and accurate forecasts, and PERSONAL advice & support

Unlike other greedy investing services who give you some half researched, crappy newsletter they put together just to get your hard earned money

Those other services don’t care about you, they just want your money - they could care less if you make profitable investments in cryptocurrency

I know this because I’ve read their newsletters, I’ve studied their information… and I’m not impressed.

That’s why many of our students come to us from other companies and thank us from the bottom of their hearts… They tell me almost every single day

“Iman thank god I found you. I paid way too much money for a stupid newsletter, and no support. You provide us with training, advisers, research, step-by-step gameplans… I knew absolutely nothing about this, I can still barely turn a computer on, but thanks to you, your staff, and the other members, I’m getting returns on my money… you really care about helping the average person do this, thank you”

And it's true.

Our motto is “no member left behind”.
We believe everyone deserves to have success as an investor, especially in crazy times like these

I’m having my best years ever as an investor, especially when the markets are volatile, and you can too, thanks to my responsible system of research, analysis, and forecasting.

Just because everything is uncertain, doesn’t mean you need to be.
Follow the money, go where the rich go.

Billionaires, CEO’s, investors, governments, and institutional money are investing their own money into cryptocurrency – in preparation for making A LOT more…

Why not you?

Here’s what you get when you become a
member of Keystone Investors Club

We have two levels of membership: Silver, and
our highest, most exclusive level - Gold

Gold membership is available by invite only
and entry standards are quite strict.

So today, I’m inviting you to join the Keystone Investors Club as a valued silver member

As a silver member…

Every 30 days, I send a research report to all of my members - nobody on the outside can see or buy this without being a silver member…

The report is called “Silver Platter Crypto Picks”

Every month, my researchers and I meticulously detail the best new opportunities we’ve discovered

Along with easy-to-follow instructions about how to set everything up and get started. It’s fast… it’s easy… and it only takes about 15 minutes.

I don’t want to teach you how to fish, we have no time for that… I will just give you the fish…

My staff and I spend a combined 100+ hours per week researching the best coin picks so you don’t have to

And every 30 days, we present you with
the best picks on a silver platter…

The only thing I ask is that you PLEASE do not share these reports with non-members.

Each month, we will also update you on what’s really happening in the cryptocurrency market (because god knows the media can’t report anything accurately)

It only takes about 15 to 30 minutes
of your time each month. That’s it.

Being a trusted authority on a new asset class doesn’t happen by accident.

And my members’ trust is a
responsibility I take seriously.

My team and I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles in the last 4 years…

Researching… meeting with developers… talking to billionaire tech insiders…

Just to collect the information you
need to cement your retirement.

All you need to do is get in now and sit tight. Because the cryptocurrency market is set to explode in value over the next year.

Now… I need to let you in on a little secret on what makes us different than everybody else in the investing education industry

Two words…

Custom. Plan.

As a member of our club, you’re going to get something that NOBODY else is offering…

Something even professional cryptocurrency investors would be tripping over themselves to have…

You’re going to get your very own custom 2020 cryptocurrency investing roadmap.

This is made especially for you

You see, this is what those other
education newsletter and research
services  get wrong…

They think everyone is the same

Well, in case they didn't notice, everyone is different

We are all different in experience, money, time, risk tolerance, location, attitude, and preferences

That's why we are the first and only analysts
who will help you plan your strategy.

Every new member is entitled to a session
with myself or one of my expert investors

This is a phone meeting since our members are located all across the country, and with this virus making its way around, nobody is traveling right now

Our experts are successful investors trained to save you from making mistakes as a new cryptocurrency investor

In the meeting, we will map out exactly where you’re at, where you want to be, and help you make a clear, confident roadmap to get there in the most intelligent way possible.

Set aside one hour for your expert meeting

Our members tell us that just having clarity and confidence for 2020 is priceless.

Because up until now, you’ve
probably been confused…

maybe even frustrated…

with what’s the best way to get the most returns
from my money in a safe and responsible way…

Maybe you’ve tried investing in the past and it hasn’t worked out exactly like you hoped it would…

What would it be like to have absolute
clarity and certainty for a change….

That’s exactly what you’ll get on your expert
call to map out your 2020 together.

In the past, we've sold these for $1,000, but if you join today, it’s included in your membership at
no additional cost to you

Giving yourself the gift of feeling absolute
confidence and clarity right now

Our System Works And You WILL Succeed… Go Easy On Yourself And Give This Opportunity A Fair Chance

As a member of Keystone, you’ll also get

+ Full Fast Response Group Coaching

Weekly LIVE Talk-To-Us Q&A Calls

With Mitch
(Head Economist)

With Iman

With Rohit
(Head Analyst)

So not only do you get
    - Our MITT system with a 90% success rate of picking profitable coins for your portfolio
    - Step by step buying your first Bitcoins
    - Your personal strategy roadmap expert call
    - Fast start, step-by-step video training suite with all your questions answered

If you’re one of the next 50 members, I’ll give you these 3 freebies…


Limited Edition Keystone T-Shirt
(Only 50 left)


A Copy Of My Best Selling Book


Your Own Personal Copy Of A Computer Program I Spent Over $40,000 To Build That Discovers New Coin Opportunities So You Can Find Your Own Winning Coins with the push of a button

We work very closely with our clients to hold them by the hand until they see those returns in their bank account.

So Unfortunately You Do Need To Qualify


1. You need to have some money to invest

You can start with as little as $100, but we recommend that you don’t put more than $500 into any one pick

But we’re not going to increase the amount of risk you’d normally take. In fact, we’re going to do the opposite

We’re going to minimize your risk by investing in small uniform positions…

These positions small will help to maximize your upside while virtually eliminating losses

2.  You’ve lost faith in our corrupt and manipulated financial system and ready to diversify into alternative investment vehicles

3.  You value truth, honor, and respect

4.  You are willing to motivate and inspire new members as you become wealthier

5.  You know that even one good cryptocurrency pick can potentially put you in a position to retire

6.  You are in a position to
pay your membership dues

If you believe you qualify then we would love to have you as a member as long as there are spots still open

We can only allow 250 members in this quarter

In order to keep the quality of the club high

And because I’ve put so much money, time, and effort into not only my education and investing… but also in building and running this club…

It’s not cheap to join

But it’s not super expensive either…

This is a quality club with quality people. We do things right - and there’s a premium for that

Anyone who expects to pay a just few hundred dollars for everything I just offered, is ignorant at best and completely crazy at worst

It costs a lot of money to do what we do in order to make sure you are successful

If you were to buy everything at retail today

I’m not going to ask you to pay
$5,835 today don’t worry

I want to show you how even at
$5,835, this would be a bargain:

You could invest in...

Real Estate = expensive
Treasury Bonds = less than 1% returns
Stocks = slow and very risky right now
Mutual Funds = scam, high fees, terrible returns
Options = great if you are an expert, higher risk
Savings account = lose money through inflation
Start a business = Great if you have time and money
Gold = excellent store of value but slow growth

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin
        -Easy to get setup
        -High returns
        -Fees are extremely low, sometimes zero
        -Proven market
        -Can invest with very little money to start (even $100)
        -Endless opportunity
        -Very liquid, cash out anytime
        -Learning curve is small

Retail Member Price: $5,835

How To Get An 82% Discount For Becoming A Member Today

Covid-19 Has Killed Our Ability To Travel To All Of The Insider Conferences, Seminars, Meetings This year

We normally spend an enormous amount of money on flights, hotel, and travel. We do this constantly so we can always be up to date with the best predictions and forecasting for you.

Due to the virus, this is all done on the internet now. This has cut our expenses down by an incredible amount.

With less business expenses, I can give you a good deal

You can become a lifetime member of Keystone for just one payment of only $997

If you need a little help, we can finance
it for you with two payments of $566


60 Day Refund Guarantee

You have 60 days to try this out and if you are not 100% satisfied you have  a COMPLETELY RISK FREE REFUND GUARANTEE

All that’s left is for you to take the plunge and become a member

And as you’ve already seen, you could invest just $100 in a few of the best coins and end up with 20, 40, or even $100,000 more in just a few months

$500 into $3500 in two weeks

$1.78 to $4.40 in 36 days

$400 to $1,300 in 14 days

40% gains in 20 days

100% ROI in 60 days

140% Gains in 3 months

$1,000 into $2,450 in 4 months

90% gains in 42 days

Not only have I showed you what lies ahead, I also showed you all of the banks, companies, governments, and institutional money are starting to pour in…

In a few months, you’ll be able to buy Bitcoin at every 7-11, CVS, and Rite Aid in America… That’s 300 million+ people having instant access to Bitcoin

And Paypal opening up cryptocurrency investing to all of their 325 million customers this summer as well…

It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going to happen to the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies…

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that getting in even a month from now, can be a big mistake as the markets are set to skyrocket

I feel sorry for everyone who didn’t bother to watch this video report

I feel even more sorry for those few who watched this video and decided not to pull the trigger

I sure wouldn’t want to be that person who looks at the price of Bitcoin one year from now, and calculates how much money they’d have in their bank account if they’d even invested a little today…

I learned from the Victoria’s Secret story. When an opportunity presents itself to me with facts, and undeniable logic… I take it. I can always undo a purchase if I’m not satisfied, but I can never undo the feeling of crippling regret

Click on the link below  
to bet on yourself today

Because you know what’s coming next.

You know the economy is done, and it’s not
going to get better for a long time

You know the threat of running out of
money early is very real

And you also know another opportunity
is about to pass you by if you don’t take it

You are just a few minutes away from
a fresh start and new beginnings

The Only True Way To Lose Here
Is By Missing Out On This Opportunity

Wealth Is Waiting For You

Our Supply Of T-Shirts And Books Are Limited So Click The Button Below Now To Make 2020 The Best Financial Year Of Your Life

You Are Looking At The Best Choice Right Now

The results are there

The risk is gone

The community is there

The training is there

The chance to get it at the best time is here

This is simply it….

10 Years From Now

What could the rewards of this one decision lead to?

In the long run, what would the chance taken here really cost you besides a little confidence?

Would you regret that you didn’t at least try?

When you see your friends making a lot of money in this a few years from now, will it sting to know you once had a chance to lap them many times over?

In Order To Get Here…Something Must Change. An Opportunity MUST Be Seized, There MUST Be A Minor Discomfort

We have a storm of biblical proportions brewing in our financial system and the time to move is now

Even just one more day on the sidelines can mean the difference between running out of money...

...and retiring safe, secure, healthy,
and in your own home

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Really Work?

Will This Work For Me?

Do I Need This Right Now?

And it’s perfect timing that you are watching this because this is a very special time for this asset as it is set to skyrocket in the next 60 days due to an event that happens every 4 years

The first time it happened was November 10 2012. Then July 9th 2016, and May 13 2020

Every time “it” happens, we see an average 1000-11,000% return the same year it happens

Historically, the price begins to skyrocket within 90 days of the event happening… The last one was May 13th of this year…

I’m going to turn every $1 into $1000 or even $11,000… I did it in 2017, and I’ll do it again…

You can do it too if you get in before it begins to rise

If you invested $1,000 in Bitcoin in July of 2010, your stash would now be worth over 204 million dollars today

If you haven’t at least begun buying Bitcoin, you’ll miss the boat on the biggest revolution since the internet… The very idea of money itself!

But in order to turn a dollar into 100 or even 1000, you must get inside the ship before it blasts off... and historically it takes off around 90 days after the event

To recap, as a member of Keystone Investors Club, you’re getting
  • Your monthly “Silver Platter” report where every month, my researchers and I meticulously detail the best new opportunities we’ve discovered
  • Our monthly “crypto insights and advice” meeting for members only. The meeting is held by phone and you can ask us questions, hang out, talk with other members, and get our newest insights and advice
  • Your step-by-step video library for quickly and safely getting setup to invest in cryptocurrency
  • ​Excellent support system, and your questions answered


Will this really work? 

Now this is already working for people just like you, even with less money and experience than you. We've been teaching cryptocurrency for the last three years through the up and down markets and it worked in the upmarket and it's working in the down. 

It works because we pick winning companies and projects and winning industries and we pay no attention to the media. You saw that all of our students like Peter, Steve, Sean, you saw all of them inside the presentation earlier, they all made majority of their money when the markets were down, not when it was going up and up. 

This is all very recent because we have real people, real community, and we helped out our members as much as they needed to be helped. Now this works if you have faith and follow the system, because we've done all the work.

We've spent our own money testing and we've experimented on ourselves first. All I'm going to dom my researcher and I, we're going to give you the best winning coins on just researching the best companies and the best cryptocurrencies and we just give you the best that there is. 

Now on top of that, what really makes us work, because it's one thing to just give you the fish but it's also another to teach you how to fish, so what we're going to do is by being involved with the Keystone Investors Club, not only are you going to be getting the silver platter crypto picks newsletters, but on top of that it's going to come with a full training where we not only teach you step by step by step how to get set up safely and securely, how to buy your first crypto, how to store it, how to withdraw it back to fiat currency, but even on top of that we have weekly coaching calls.

Every single week if you have any questions, you get on a phone call with me and the rest of the members inside the Keystone Investors Club and we can all mastermind and talk about any questions that you may have or just talk about the state of crypto in general, every single week.

Now if you're still wondering will this really work, why do you think all the banks, institutional money and rich people are getting in right now before the reserve split? Because they know. They know what's coming and they know the opportunity that we have right now. 

On top of that, the stock market just lost 10 years of its gains in literally less than two weeks and it's going to take a really long time before that comes back up again and there's a lot of things that the news isn't telling you about, regarding the markets. 

The news right now is fully focused on the pandemic and the coronavirus, but at the same time they're not telling you about the economic troubles that not only the United States is going through, but the rest of the globe. Like Australia, the UK, because people from all around the world are on lockdown, they're quarantined. People are losing jobs. 

Airlines, each airline is giving away 20 to 25,000 jobs. They're laying off people. This is causing a huge economic breakdown, so there's a lot of things that are happening that the news is not covering and that's why all the banks, institutional money and rich people are getting in right now, because they see the big opportunity that cryptocurrency is going to have within the next couple of months to a year.
Are you sure this work for ME? 

The next question I see is, are you sure that this will work for me? Great, you have all these testimonials from people all around the world, you have all these testimonials, but how do I know that this will work for me? That's a fair question. Our system works, so you can't screw it up. 

You follow the system and believe in the system. You can do this, you've learned and done much harder things in your life than this. This is nothing compared to all the things that you've done, so you got this. I've seen it over and over again, people who aren't computer geeks, people who aren't tech savvy, aren't professional investors, aren't math whizzes, do really good because they follow our simple direction and make money.

Like I mentioned before, we're here every step of the way. We're not some scammy newsletter company charging thousands of dollars for a PDF newsletter, that's not what this is. 

You're going to be joining a club where we mentor you, guide you, and make sure this works for you because every single week we're going to be getting on a call together, answer any questions you have, take you by the hand step-by-step through the entire process. 

We're all going to be in this together. You're going to be personally getting on a call with me every single week and with all the other Keystone Investors Club members. What makes us even better is because not only are you going to be getting a call with me every week, but on top of that you're going to be getting access to a group chat of all the other members inside the Keystone Investors Club.

This is pretty huge because one of the main reasons why we've had so much success over the last couple of years, especially for our members and our students, is because we have a group chat where every single day people are talking about crypto, they're talking about the latest investments, everyone who is involved inside the Keystone Investors Club are masterminding and talking together and now more than ever since everybody's quarantined, it's a great time to talk to other like minded investors who are really involved inside the cryptocurrency market who are just like you.

We are a community of people and we want to give you every single tool and resource that you need in order to become successful with this.

Are you sure this is right for me NOW? 

Next question is, are you sure this is right for me now? Is this the right time to get into this? 

Now look, the market has crashed. We have no idea how much lower it will get, so now is the time to save your investment value, make up for what was lost and just come out ahead. 

Ten years worth of gains inside the stock market was lost in literally under 10 days. The federal reserve, they're printing as much money as they can right now. More than ever to bail out the banks and this goes back to the news. The banks are having a lot of trouble. If you try to go to your bank right now and take out $10,000 cash, they will not let you. Due to this market crash, you can only take out small amounts.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity because not only is it combining the crash of 1929, but it's that on top of a pandemic that's going on. So more and more people are being laid off, losing their jobs.

On top of that, not only is billions and billions of dollars being poured into cryptocurrency right now from the big banks, from Wall Street, from huge corporations, but on top of that, the reserve split is coming on May 20th and that's going to be cutting the supply of new Bitcoins in half. 

So you must get in right now. Literally, as cheesy as it sounds, the stars are aligning. Everything that needs to happen is here. 

You're at the right place at the right time to be watching this presentation right now and if you made it up into this far, I congratulate you because you have no excuse for when this takes off over the next couple of months, you have no excuse to not get in right now. 
Im tight on money now, especially since the market took a nose dive 

The next question is, I'm tight on money now, especially since the market took a nosedive I agree, especially if you had money in your 401k, the stock market, that all crashed down. Being tight on money is the exact reason to do this so you'll never be tight on money again. 

Now, it's not about money, it's about the value of getting something like this. If something is worth the money, especially if it makes you more of it, then it's a good decision. 

I understand that people may be losing their jobs, it's a tight time, which is why I want to give you a big opportunity to get inside the Keystone Investors Club for a payment plan. I really did not want to do this since the Keystone Investor's Club is already a huge bargain for the value that everyone's going to be getting. But since I see that some people may be tight on money based on what's been going on in the marketplace, I want to give you a payment plan. 

So this allows you to not only join the Keystone Investors Club so you can get fully involved in the cryptocurrency market for as little as possible. So what we're going to do is either you can get in on the Keystone Investors Club for a one time payment of $997 or due to the entire market conditions, for a limited time we're going to be releasing a payment plan where you can do three payments of $366 instead, with each payment being a month apart.

That way you can join the newsletter club, join the Keystone Investors Club, learn how to get involved with crypto, make some money and pay back the rest of your membership dues over time. I really don't do this, but since because the market is like this, I'm understanding, I fully understand and I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to get in on this. 

I don't want being tight on money to stop you from getting this done or to stop you from achieving your dreams and making this work for you, or building the fortune for yourself and for your family, which is why I'm releasing the payment plan option for those of you who need it.

So click the button that just came up right now. You're going to be getting an option to not only do a full payment, which is $997, which gives you access to the Keystone Investors Club, or if money is tight, which is why we enabled right now, only for the next couple of minutes, to do the Keystone Investors Club, to join it for just three payments of $366. 

This is why you've got to do this now, because the economy won't get any better and this is the beginning of the pandemic. This is the beginning of the stocks crashing. This is the beginning of the recession.

The question is not if you have the resources to join, but how can you get the resources to join? Because the entire point of being an intelligent investor or a smart entrepreneur is not based on the resources you have but how resourceful you are, which is why we uploaded this payment plan and gave this available to you all to join. 

Will my friends and family think I’m crazy? 

The next question I really see a lot is, well, my friends and family think I'm crazy. The real question is that what will they think if you let everything crumble to nothing due to inaction? That's the real question here. Imagine going from the hero they rely on to the zero they feel sorry for? 

Your family won't have anything to say when you show them that you made a little fortune with cryptocurrency, they'll be asking you how you did it.

They'll beg you to teach them how. They'll be so impressed you invested in so little to make so much, because no one else is talking about this. The fact that you're on this presentation right now shows that you're committed and that you're open to receiving the real information, because the news isn't talking about this. 

Newspapers aren't talking about this, no one else on the media is talking about what's really going on in the background. Everyone is so focused on the coronavirus and the pandemic that no one's talking about how the economy is crumbling in the background, while billions and billions of dollars from Wall Street, institutional investors, are going all in on cryptocurrency because that is their only savior right now. 

No one is talking about that until I decided to come out and show everyone this and show you the opportunity that you have right now to make a literal fortune with cryptocurrency by investing little, small amounts.

The beautiful part about cryptocurrency is, you don't have to risk your current lifestyle. 

Will this work now that the economy has crashed and a virus has shutdown the economy? 

This, crypto currency, it always works. We don't care about the economy. Many of our clients have little to invest due to the stock market stealing some of their money, but all of our clients can put small positions in and make a good profit and that's what we recommend. 

For all of our picks we don't recommend you put any more than $500 bucks to any one crypto and you can get started with investing in these cryptos for as little as $50 to $100 bucks and these are the amounts that can make you the literal fortune. The economy crashing means that everything is on sale with little money and a few smart moves, you can buy up valuable coins and assets for pennies on the dollar.

A depressed economy is our favorite economy because when everyone is afraid and emotional, we can win by analyzing the market and making a logical and smart investment choices. That's how the rich are getting richer. That's why Warren Buffet was sitting on billions and billions of dollars waiting for an opportunity like this, because the smart and intelligent investors know that a depressed economy is the best opportunity to make money in. 

Especially for the investors who know what they're doing and what these smart investors are doing now, what the smart money, the intelligent investors, Wall Street, the big banks, billion dollar corporations, they're going all in on cryptocurrency right now because the stock market's going down, the bond market is going down. Gold and silver is getting a bit weaker. 

Heck, even the U.S. Dollar, the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar, all of the dollars are crashing. They're getting worse and worse, but the only thing that's going up and the only thing that these big companies are investing in is cryptocurrency market.

I don't really know you yet 

We don't know each other too well yet. That's why this is only $997, you trust the system, don't need to trust me yet. 

Regardless of how many testimonials and how many students that we've done this, how many video interviews of testimonials you can find online, the matter that I've been featured on Yahoo News, MarketWatch, let's put all that aside and just trust the system. 

You don't need to trust me yet. I'll help you, my team will help you. We're not like those other companies who will rip you off for thousands of dollars with a disappointed PDF.

Again, I've been featured on Yahoo News, the MarketWatch, dozens of other newsletters like Fox, CNN, NBC. My team, my company, my softwares, anything that I've done inside the cryptocurrency market has been featured multiple times on multiple different publications and on top of that, which is more important, I've got my members and students results. 

There's video interviews that I showed you earlier with my students, I literally go on a face to face video with them, they're telling me how much money they made based on my picks, how much money they made based on the coaching and my mentoring, but I don't need to tell you any of that because the system works.

On top of that, just a couple of weeks ago, I launched my second book on cryptocurrency. My first book I released in 2018, I was writing it all in 2017, I released it in 2018. That book got bestseller. Just a couple couple of weeks ago, late March, I released my second book and I got also bestseller in under eight hours. I'm not asking you to give everything, I'm here just giving you a chance. 

I'll be fine, this is not about me, this is all about you, which is why we're doing this. Adding in the payment plan, giving you a multiple opportunities to get in on this, so you have the opportunity.

Is it really this simple and easy to get going?

Now the next question is, is it really this simple and easy to get going? Yes, it's so easy that children can do it. There are literally children right now making money with crypto. You don't need to be a computer tech, you don't need to be inside computer tech or be a computer whiz. 

If you can use your mobile phone, then you're already overqualified. We'll give you step by step instructions through video, through audio and reading, we're right here to give you help every step of the way. 

So not only are you going to be getting step-by-step video instructions where I walk you through every single step, but on top of that, we have that transcribed so you can read it and on top of that I have a principle PDF created for you where you can literally go in, open up the PDF, there's images in the PDF, it depends on what type of learner you are. 

If you're a visual learner, we have video for you. If you're, if you're an audio learner, we have it all on audio files and on top of that, if you want to read, we have principal PDFs for you, a quick start guide, every single lesson that we have is also a principal guide where you can print it out and there's images there that you can follow. 

In addition to all that, we have a call every single week together, so if you did have any questions that you may have or if you're stuck in a particular thing or even if you're not stuck on anything and you want to be up to date inside the cryptocurrency market, we talk about what's been going on in the crypto marketplace. 

We talk about some pics, we talk about any questions that you may have. This is a community that you're going to be joining.

Some of our best students are women, like Rebecca that you saw earlier in the call. She's a mother of two babies and she was able to make this work in her busy schedule. 

Men sometimes don't like to follow instructions, so they can often make a little less than ladies, but if you want to win, you can. Investing in cryptocurrency is easy when you have the right guide. 

You don't need to understand cryptocurrency at all when we begin, but in just a couple of weeks, you'll make more than all your friends and family, along with the profits to back it up.

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