Fighting off spam is not an easy task, but with some specialized help, one can successfully get rid of this nuisance. An important part in this endeavor is identifying the source of unwanted emails or other unsolicited messages.
Sam Spade aims to do just that and it comes fully equipped for this job. Installation is a breeze, it takes a mere 5 clicks to get to the end, without having to configure anything more than the location where you want it to reside. Even though not too stylish, the interface is practical and easy to understand, while the menus offer a variety of handy functions.
The software can perform DNS checks, fast or slow traceroute operations, as well as ping, whois or SMTP verifications. A very useful feature is the 'blacklist' check that enables you to check if a domain is listed on MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System).
Scanning addresses, viewing raw HTML sources of webpages or crawling websites can be also done with a few clicks. The configuration area of Sam Spade is quite generous insofar as the customization of the application's running options is concerned. It includes many GUI-related settings as well as those needed to fine-tune logging, scripting or traceroute functions.
A big plus for this tool is its ability to log everything it does for later reviewing. If you dig a bit deeper you'll find something else that is at least as useful, namely the ability to report abusive e-mail senders. Another great thing we discovered during our tests is that it operates in high-gear at all times, displaying the domain, IP or traceroute information in a few seconds.
Even though, at first glance, it looks like it's aimed at power users, after a few minutes of tinkering with this utility, less tech-savvy users will be able to make good use of it. All Sam Spade needs is a chance to prove just how useful it can actually be!







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The Sam Spade application is a multi-purpose utility designed to perform a large number of DNS-related tasks, as well as traceroute, ping, whois, SMTP, and blacklisting checks. It can be run from command line or as a stand-alone application, and it’s quite stable.
There’s plenty of features included in Sam Spade that will make it an indispensable tool for everyone who uses the Internet, regardless of what their end goal is. The most amazing thing about Sam Spade is its responsiveness, and this translates into user friendliness. It’s a tool you will always want to have at your disposal.
Sam Spade ( is an extremely well-programmed freeware utility that is available for download at Softpedia. The author claims that the software is one of the best freeware DNS traceroute and scan tools out there. It can be used both as a stand-alone tool or a daemon for your Linux-based system.
Sam Spade is a DNS traceroute and scanner tool that can be run as a stand-alone or daemon process. It supports HTTP, FTP, Gopher, TCP/IP, POP3, and SMTP protocols, and it can trace and scan HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, and even Telnet hosts. A pop-up menu will show the status of a DNS query, while the results are displayed as ASCII-based output in separate windows. The program can work with any domain name to scan the first eight levels of the DNS hierarchy, and it can perform DNS reverse lookups to identify the name of the host responsible for the requested record.
It can also check whether an IP address is blocked or not, as well as blacklist it. It can also validate that a given address is not in the SPAM database of the Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS). It can verify whether a given email address exists or not, and it can run a basic Internet whois look-up. The program can also be used to set up and modify the resolver options, as well as to view raw HTML content of a given web site. Sam Spade also comes with an extensive list of configuration options.
The program comes with a complete manual that covers the installation and usage of the utility. A prominent feature of Sam Spade is its support for multi-threading, as well as a timer that can be used to set the wait time between DNS lookups.

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Sam Spade is a Free Traceroute & Ping Tool
Create your own host list!
Map Spam/scam hosts on a map.
Do DNS Checks on websites and subdomains.
Send emails to scam and spam host email addresses.
Handle multiple IP addresses and hosts on a single map.
Doing the following:
Easy and fast to use
Automated Spam and Scam reporting
See the IP and Email Addresses your clients use to send messages.
Low response time
The software is well optimized and has low response time.
No client application is needed.
Easy to install and configure
It’s very easy to install and configure.
No Registration is required
We do not ask for your credit card or private information.
You don’t need to register to use Sam Spade.
Support and Updates
We have a Support and Updates section.
This tool is always getting better and we are constantly improving it.
Online help
Online help is provided by using this tool.
When you visit a website it takes time to load. You can ask your ISP for a traceroute, which lets you know the route the request takes. If you can’t get the ISP to do it for you, you can use a free traceroute.
The website you are looking at might have been slow because it has been moved to an IP address that is not responding.
When you want to see if a website is up you can do a ping. It is used to measure the round trip time of a message from one computer to another.
Pings are often used to check for connectivity. You ping a website to check if it is available and it will tell you if it is.
The whois service allows you to look up information about a website. It can tell you the domain’s owners, whois info about the domain, and other useful information about a domain.
The whois information can be collected from the web. If you want more detailed information, or you want to find out about all the domains owned by a person, you can get a domain report.
You can check if a website is firewalled using whois and ping. It can tell you if your ISP is blocking or filtering requests from your computer.
A Site Map
A site map is a list of websites and the pages on each site. You can use the site map to find web pages that

What’s New In?

Sam Spade is a easy to use scanning and reporting tool that allows you to:
* Block webpages and stop links and offers from making you click.
* Check email addresses to see if they've been used before.
* Check if a domain name is listed on the MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) database.
* Use the search engine or perform a DNS lookup.
* Track and record webpages using the traceroute or an IP based traceroute.
* Scan, scan and scan! Spade runs a scan until it gets a hit.
* Report on email abuse (spam) via email and the web.

A small, portable windows portable application that enables you to scan and report on web spam. Spam is the main source of the recent increase in cost of e-mail – and the start of a new problem.
Spam as a new problem for the e-mail industry is because most people ignore it. Most people simply delete spam messages without even reading them.
This new problem may be swept under the carpet and the e-mail industry will suffer the consequences.
Spam can be classified in many ways. Spam typically falls into one or more of the following categories:
– Non-commercial (0)
– Commercial (1)
– Denial of service (2)
– Hate speech (3)
– Privacy (4)
– Trolling (5)
– Other (6)
This software includes all of these categories. The software includes many different checks to determine whether an e-mail is Spam or not. The software can also check an e-mail address to see if it has been previously used or if it is on any blacklist.
This software also includes three different methods of reporting back to the sender:
– Direct (1)
– Web (2)
– Email (3)
Spam reports can be sent by the software or by email. Spam reports will also be logged into the system’s database for future reports. Spam reports can be sent from anywhere that the users network adapter will allow.
Note: Spam reports are only sent if there is at least one spam report of the same address.
Spam reporting functionality can also be used as a logging utility.
The software includes an advance text extractor which is integrated into the main program window. This advanced text extractor will extract text from an e-mail, web page, fax, image or any other text document.

Sam Spade is a lightweight windows application which can be used to scan and report on web spam.
Spam is the main source of the recent increase in cost of e-mail and the start of a new problem.
Spam as a new problem for the e-mail industry is because most people ignore it. Most people simply delete spam messages without

System Requirements For Sam Spade:

OS: Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later (10.7 and 10.8 not recommended)
Memory: 1GB of RAM
Processor: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Hard Drive: 20GB free space available
Video: 8GB of video RAM
Display: 1280×800 resolution or higher, 32-bit color (supports up to 3840×2160)
Additional Notes:
What’s New