* Manage your double-feature DVD collections on your PC
* Add, remove, move, copy and delete titles
* Play the titles
* Burn the titles to your DVD
* Disc is autostarted when Double Feature is started
KEYMACRO Features:
* Quickly add, remove and update your collection
* Add, remove and update double-feature
* Move and copy double-feature
* Easily burn the titles to your DVD
* DVDs are autostarted when Double Feature is started
* Control the disc autostarted
* Add, remove, move and copy titles to other titles
* Shows the picture for all the titles
* Play the titles
* Play the picture
* Burn the titles to your DVD

This feature will compile a list of projects and files which have been successfully built. To allow the user to easily create a patch for the project, the compiled list will also include a link to the project in the Windows Explorer.
KEYMACRO Features:
* Can include multiple projects/files
* Can include multiple projects/files

KEYMACRO Description:
* A small free application which allows you to record and playback to/from a Microsoft.avi file
* Useful to play back avi’s on a projector
* A small but useful application, especially if you want to show your work at a small party
* Test it out by downloading the simple X-Media Recorder demo file

KEYMACRO Features:
* Plays avi files
* Can record to avi
* Can play back to avi
* Supports multiple types of avi files
* Can be used to play avi files on your projector
* Free
* Windows Only
* Windows Portable
* Free

KEYMACRO Description:
* A small free program to read.zip files and convert to.avi (easyzip)
* A useful program to view/play back zip archives
* Useful program to view/play back zip archives
* Can be used to view/play back.zip archives on your PC or to watch them on a projector
* Free

Free Download + Lifetime Subscription = Free.
Select to be in ‘Background’ mode (doesn’t work under Vista/Windows 7) – this will slow down the conversion process and slow the computer down for as long as you keep the Free button displayed.

Download and install the 70238732e0

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Freelock is a very simple program that can be run from a floppy disk. The floppy disk has a track of damaged data on it that produces the locked region. The resulting disk is locked in such a way that it is virtually impossible to read from, and not readable on any CD reader. It is intended to prevent copies of your copies, and is only a limited tool.
Freelock has no self-installing capabilities. You must copy the files from the flp13.zip archive to a disk, then run INSTALL.BAT. The files are written out to a file named floppy.lck. This can be a floppy disk, the Windows NT/2000/XP file system, an FTP server, or any other location that permits the files to be copied.
Freelock Options:
Freelock has no command-line options. Its main function is to set a region on a CD that cannot be read by CD-ROM devices. It can lock the CD in a two-zone system (see below) or a single zone. It can create a region of 32 sectors in the center of the disk, or anywhere else you specify on the disk.
Single-Zone Usage:
In single-zone usage, the user chooses the center of the disk for the region, then Freelock creates the ‘virtually’ unreadable region. It does this by copying damaged data into the center of the disk, usually about 33 sectors. Thus, the user must write the files to the disk, then run Freelock. Freelock then reads the files, and’rebuilds’ the damaged zone. When the user runs the disk, Freelock is hidden and the data it recorded is ‘virtually’ unreadable by CD-ROM devices. It only reads the’repair’ zone, and does not attempt to read the repair zone. Thus, if someone copies the CD and records it, it will be locked.
Two-Zone Usage:
In two-zone usage, the user chooses either the center or the outer periphery of the disk as the first zone, then a second zone anywhere else on the disk. The second zone can be anywhere else on the disk. The center zone and the outer zone are ‘virtually’ unreadable, so the files can be written to disk. Freelock is then run. It reads the first zone, then the second zone, and’rebuilds’ the first zone, creating the virtual zone. When the