Portable Yapbam is a lightweight utility that can help individuals manage their bank account information. This is the portable version of Yapabam.
Since the application does not require installation, it means that you can easily copy the program files to any location on the hard disk or even to a portable storage device, such as a USB flash drive. The latter option enables you to run Portable Yapbam on any computer that you might have access to. It is also important to mention that the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to get updated with new entries.
The interface is user-friendly and comprised of several tabs that enable users to easily browse the most important actions available.
The Java-based software tool lets you add an unlimited number of accounts to which you can add transactions with details such as date, description, amount and category. You have the possibility of checking your monthly balance history or the generated statistics, to see how much money you have spent each month.
The administration tab helps you manage categories and accounts, as well as create periodical transactions, such as rent, bills and payment plans.
Portable Yapbam incorporates two useful tools, namely a calculator and a currency convertor. The latter one imports hundreds of conversion rates from the European Central Bank daily, as long as you are connected to the Internet.
In conclusion, Portable Yapbam is a very efficient piece of software that helps you easily keep track of expenditures and savings. It can connect to Dropbox, even if it is not installed on your PC, and supports a lot of file formats.







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Many of us struggle to think of what our annual salary is going to be and, naturally, we tend to spend it in the most profitable manner. Still, once in a while, we need to calculate the income that we will earn from different sources. You have now found the ideal tool to help you do this on the go.
Do you ever get tired of writing down the amount on your card or withdrawing the money from your own account? Moreover, it takes a lot of time to manually record the transactions, and to look through your bank statement so you know how much you have spent and saved in a month. Luckily, those problems do not have to trouble you anymore. The software tool that we have for you today is called Portable Yapbam Serial Key.
It is a very easy-to-use software that can help you quickly calculate the salary for the upcoming month. It consists of several sections that make things much easier for the user, and is very simple to navigate. You have the chance to add any online payments to your project, and then proceed to enter the monthly income.
Each transaction comes with a description and a date, and you can start adding the money to the project. Another important aspect of the program is that it cannot be downloaded and installed.
Once done, you can modify the number of deposits and withdrawals, and you can also add categories that are specific to certain payments, such as bills. The software also allows you to see the amount saved for each category and a history of the last transactions you have made.
Additionally, the program provides you with a wallet, which can be divided into several different tabs, such as balance, transactions and transactions history. The administration tab makes it possible to create a new project that will help you easily manage all of your transactions. It also comes with the list of transactions, a calculator and a currency converter.
The currency converter is very interesting as it imports hundreds of exchange rates from the European Central Bank. The software will update each time you connect to the Internet.
Finally, Portable Yapbam Free Download is a very easy-to-use and user-friendly program that can be used by everybody. It supports many file formats, and you do not need to download anything when using it. The application also offers an efficient currency converter, and provides you with many useful statistics and tools.

Why you need portable version of Yapabam?
Portable Yapbam Torrent Download is a lightweight utility that can help individuals manage their bank account information. This

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Yapbam is an extremely fast and easy to use tool that has been specially designed to help users monitor their financial transactions. It lets you keep a tab on all your bank accounts and verify monthly bank statements.
You can add transactions by category, date and amount, and you can even set up a default budget for each category.
Yapbam lets you keep track of credit card payments and even sorts them for you. The tool lets you also set up reminders and various alert signals to notify you when your budget is about to reach a certain amount.
This Java based utility also supports the Linux environment, and it even runs on mobile phones.
Yapbam has been specifically designed to help you monitor your financial transactions in a simple yet flexible way. It allows you to add categories, transactions by date and amount, and you can even set up your default monthly spending amount.
This Java based tool allows you to view, monitor and correct your accounts from your mobile phones. Yapbam actually displays your budget and account balances on your mobile phone screen.
The tool also allows you to quickly add a new credit card and you can even be reminded of monthly bills by setting up a reminder.
The app has a very sophisticated engine that can also easily import and export a lot of file formats, including CalDav, Zimbra format, CSV, Yahoo calendar, Google calendar, CSV.
Additional features included:
Monitors your monthly expenses and savings
Monitor monthly budget
Compatible with the dropbox service
Has a currency converter
Allows you to track your credit card transactions
Let you see your bank account statement right from your mobile phone
Imports and exports a lot of file formats
New innovative features included:
Touch to make the transaction you have made.
Sign up for a free account to use Yapbam.
Yapbam supports a lot of file formats.
Hide transactions from specific categories
Redo transactions
The program also allows you to set up various alerts to notify you when your budget is about to reach a certain amount.
Convert currencies

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DrProfit is a completely free time management software that enables you to see your account details, spend, set

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What’s New in the Portable Yapbam?

It is an offline application for Windows and Mac systems that makes it easy to manage and synchronize data on various accounts. The application lets you manage the main components of your budget, including income, expenditures and balances, which can be reviewed and exported.
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