You can create bookmark and download folders right from within SnapSO’s user interface.
It has a collection of hotkeys that enables you to jump from one webpage to another, send a page to the clipboard, copy a link to the clipboard, bookmark a page or address or search on the web.
SnapSO supports most extensions such as using tools like, Flash, the GTV video player, QuickVideo, uTorrent and many more.
SnapSO is an extremely useful and cde4edac5b—-free

Mobile connectivity improves with time, but it seems our smartphones are on a continuous loop of upgrades and release cycle. How are they getting better?

Connecting smartphones to vast computing networks via LTE and Wi-Fi really does make all the difference to mobile user experience and this is a fact evidenced by the ultra-fast speeds obtainable on LTE when they’re compared to Wi-Fi. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is still a good and easy alternative, even though