KEYMACRO is a free, open-source, cross-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS) program that allows for an easy, fast and reliable coding of macro-records, also known as macros. You can use them for email, database, text, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other documents to quickly insert one or more series of commands.
KeyStroke Method Description:
1. In the drop-down list of the register, choose the desired key. For example: ctrl+2+b.
2. Choose the desired command. For example, you could select “Send Mail” from the list.
3. There will be a list of available keystrokes. Select one you want to use from the list. This will be the value of the macro.
Macro Example:
Hello! I’m your boss. Just send me a reply.
Here are the commands:
ctrl+2+b -> “Send Mail”
ctrl+2+c -> “Cancel”
Select the desired command from the list
The Macros are saved in a.kbk file. The program’s window is displayed in different languages depending on the OS. You can add a key or a group of keys by clicking the “Add” button and the selected command will be entered.
KeyStroke Keys Description:
Keystroke Keys:
A: Select a key from the list
B: Select the desired command from the list
Bup: Up Arrow
Down: Down Arrow
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow
Tab: Tab
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow: Modifier keys, Alt, Ctrl, or Shift, depending on the keystroke
Cmd+Arrow: Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow
Cmd+Tab: Tab
Cmd+Shift+Arrow: Modifier keys, Alt, Ctrl, or Shift, depending on the keystroke
Context menus for multiple documents:
In Microsoft Office and other applications, the context menu is useful when users want to perform certain tasks, such as Save or Print. When multiple documents are opened, it is good to have a shortcut for each one of them. KeyMACRO provides you with a unique feature: the multiple document context menu.
Users can get the context menu of any one of the opened documents. It is possible to create a shortcut keystroke for the menu. A few steps are required:
1. Choose 384a16bd22

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KeyMACRO is a simple but well-designed, Windows program that allows you to save and restore registry keys as TXT, CSV, HTML, or XML files.
With KeyMACRO you can easily edit your registry keys. Because the program offers key recovery, it can take different registry keys, and convert them to any of the four file formats.
Once the conversion has been completed, you will be given a clickable button which will enable you to save the newly created file in TXT, CSV, HTML or XML format.
This is a very useful feature as it saves time when it comes to restoring registry keys in any circumstance, since the original version will be lost.
Not only that, but it allows you to edit the already existing keys with just a few clicks, and even save them as a different name or format.
What’s more, KeyMACRO allows you to delete existing registry keys, as well as rename or move keys to a different location, all with just a single click.
KeyMACRO works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7, and makes sure that your registry keys are not corrupted at any point.
It boasts a decent interface that you can use to create and restore registry keys, change the file extension of the keys, or enable/disable the automatic conversion, among other things.
The program also allows you to quickly modify the location of the keys, their visibility, and compatibility with different languages.
During our testing, we have noticed that KeyMACRO operates very efficiently and flawlessly. It doesn’t affect the overall performance of your computer in any way, so the overall speed of the system is not affected.
You can edit a batch of keys without any problems, and there is no need for additional applications to facilitate the task.
There is a button that will help you add a new registry key and after that, you can easily restore the original version using the previously saved TXT, CSV, HTML, or XML file.
The program has a good record when it comes to the handling of keys that belong to other programs. It doesn’t corrupt them, so you can easily import registry keys from other programs.
KeyMACRO comes in a very small and portable package, so it makes for an ideal software to carry around, especially in situations where you may not have a computer with you.
PC SAVEMACRO Description:
PC SAVEMACRO is a simple but very useful utility that helps you to