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TrafficSM is a FLEXLOGIK network traffic analyser. The software provides a browser-based, network-wide analysis for single or multiple networks.

Trafficsm Features:



Linkstation Configurator is designed to assist you in adding modules to your Netgear N300 or N500 and programming them. The application is designed to assist you in the writing of scripts for your N500 in order to automate the process of configuring the modules.


Traffic X

Traffic X is a Node-to-node network traffic analyser designed for KNX networks using an open protocol. It provides a browser based graphical user interface and supports the simultaneous analysis of up to 10 nodes. Traffic X supports the various protocols used on KNX networks and can analyse traffic of 10+ nodes simultaneously. Traffic X is cross platform available for both Windows and Linux.



Hybrid-Hunter is an Android App for communication between Router and External App.



Cloud-Uptime is a monitoring service for Uptime and CPU Monitor for Linux and Windows. It is a new-generation cloud computing service and uptime monitoring system. In addition, the application is designed to work with Node-to-node network to monitor the network performance.



Sky-DLV is a dashboard application which will allow you to monitor traffic along with up to 100 other LANs. It’s easy to setup and configure.



KKDigest is a free and very handy application that will help you to check your KNX system and make sure that all of your devices are working properly or not.



Interferometer is a graphical measurement utility for KNX networks using a modified open protocol to display the network status and configuration in real-time. It will show and even create reports and documents of your network.



3D-Visualizer is a 3D visualizer for Node-to-node network using a modified open protocol to display nodes and links of the network in real-time. It is a computer program that allows to visualize the shape of a three-dimensional graph in space. 3D-

MiniLogger X64

This is a compatible and simple application which helps you to measure values from KNX EPG (Event Porography). You can use it for development, debugging or just for analysis of data. It supports…

CONVERTER is a Utility softwares for convert data from [easily] from one data format to other format. It is written in C#.NET. 2D and 3D rotation can be enabled. It works with all common data files.
1. Convert any data file formats like DWG, DXF, EMF, EMF, WMF, BMP, JPG etc.
2. 2D or 3D rotating image/device/project file
3. You can choose to ignore some items or add your own.

File System Explorer is a file browser which provides you the system information and files from hard disk drives of your computer. However, it can be used on any computer without the knowledge of the driver of that computer. All the information has been given in the help file and in the below video tutorial.

Rating: 2.8

10 users

Thanks for choosing File System Explorer as best File Manager for PC.

File System Explorer Description

File System Explorer is a handy tool which helps you to explore and view the file systems of your computer. This application allows you to view the path of your hard drives, flash drives, pendrives and digital cameras by just moving the mouse to them. You can set the required drive or camera as default. File System Explorer supports a wide variety of file systems and it is compatible with most of the file systems of modern operating systems. It also provides information on the device serial numbers of your computer. In case of USB devices it enables you to set the speed of the USB connection. Furthermore it can search and launch applications in the computer. It is capable of providing all the location of stored files and folders. Moreover you can see the images, videos and music files, set the play order etc. of your files and can perform the copy operation in the folder. It can open the file inside any other application.


File System Explorer can be an easy to use application to browse your hard disk in the computer. It is developed for Windows operating system but you can use it on any other operating system. You can try this application for free.

File System Explorer is a free utility developed for Windows. The software developed by Search Plus Inc. It is free

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Live Wire
for KNX

Live Wire is an invaluable tool for building owners and maintenance managers, helping them to plan, visualize and control building access for KWLAN® systems, F&M mobile, interior and exterior sensors and other smart devices.

As technology continues to advance, buildings are becoming more complex, and access to those buildings by the public is becoming more and more important. Access is not only a way to measure whether or not the visitor in question is willing to make an effort to get inside the building, it is also a matter of guaranteeing access for those who are physically confined to an area.

The size and mobility of systems like KNX and F&M make it possible for the average user to control the building’s access system, thus eliminating the risk of someone’s life being endangered if the visitor is unaware that he or she needs to make an effort to get in.

Live Wire is a next-generation building access system. With Live Wire, the building owner can install KNX or F&M control systems anywhere in the building and, by using connected devices, he can make all facilities — such as doors and elevators — open and close via an integrated user interface in real time. Live Wire is designed to make the building access control system easy to use, and all of the building’s facilities can be easily controlled by the building owner from wherever he or she is in the building.

Live Wire is designed with the following goals in mind:

» Provide a reliable, stable, and secure access control system.

» Enable the building owner to easily provide or deny access.

» Enable the building owner to remotely monitor access to the facility.

» Live Wire is capable of analyzing user behavior and performing dynamic adjustments to access rights.

» Integrate a building’s various facilities using a single, single user interface.

The entire system is controlled by a user interface, and allows the user to switch between the various facilities in real time. The control center for the building’s various facilities is integrated into this user interface, and provides the user interface with the appropriate authorization information for the facility in question.

Live Wire for KNX is a powerful tool that provides live monitoring and control functions for access from any location at any time. It provides access control functions for individual facilities on the KWLAN system. Access control for individual KNX devices that are registered and accessed via the system is also possible.

The user interface is specifically designed

What’s New in the?

The application is very user friendly as its main goal is to simply collect measured data from your KNX system. The application can be placed as a desktop shortcut for fast access and provides a handy list on the desktop for later access. Via an intuitive system of selection, data can be recorded, included in a diagram, or transfered into a external KNX system.

‘This is a proposal of a brand new modification the “GKZ – HWiGHT” (2011) for the programme “Kolmogorov Zufall” (in German: “Kolmogorovs Zufall”). Inspired by the classical Kolmogorov model, the programme simulates a set of random numbers with polynomial, but not integer degree.

Can be tested at the website of “Kolmogorov Zufall”:
I am mainly interested in feedbacks of possible formal errors, for example usage of limited/unsupported programming languages (by GKZ) or unsecure password protection.

Look at the attached “Readme_GKZ.txt” and the “”, that contain a complete description of the content of the package “”.

Anyone interested in my modification, has to modify his programm to meet the requirements of my proposal. As usual, I leave the option for contributions.

Looks great! I can’t check it out at the moment due to a massive power failure, but I intend to update this thread with my first impressions once i’m back to normal. 😛
I’ve downloaded the package and my first impression is great! The code looks well structured, as has been your first priority. I feel it is actually surprisingly easy to understand due to your comments.
I made a few quick changes to the source code and it looks great. For example, everything seemed to work out of the box on my test network. I can’t wait to use it in production. 😀
I actually really like the SourceForge branding (:P).
I wonder if, given the fact that your hosting company is just a hosting company, you could collaborate on a site of your own, where you could host the program and have a SourceForge subdomain for bug reporting? (Sorry if I’m being presumptuous!)

:)I am glad you

System Requirements For MiniLogger:

Thanks, again.
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