Microsoft Project SDK is a useful resource collection for all the developers who want to create extensions for Microsoft’s project management software. It includes multiple libraries, tutorials and code samples for building your own programs.
As the Microsoft Office applications, the functions of the Project application can be extended by creating add-ins and other extensions. In order to facilitate the developer’s task, Microsoft has released the Project SDK that includes all the necessary tools for creating custom solutions.
The package includes essential components and tools for creating and testing your projects. Among the tools, you can also find Visual Studio extensions that are developed to improve your efficiency.
If you are just starting to create tools for Microsoft Project, the available samples can help you understand the basics. They are saved as solution files which can be loaded in Visual Studio in order to review the code and required resources.
You can use SDK to create both client-side and server-side extensions. The client extensions are designed to customize the program’s interface and enhance its functionality while the server-side deals with CSOM or PSI services in order to access the Project Server data.
Besides the libraries that can be used in your applications, the SDK includes detailed instructions on how to use the components in your projects. In order to access the articles and SDK-related resources you need to install the Microsoft Document Explorer during the initial setup.
Overall, Microsoft Project SDK is the go-to resource for the developers who aim to improve or extend the Project features by creating extensions or apps.







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If you are planning to develop extensions or apps for Project 2013, you need to download and install the Microsoft Project SDK.
It can be installed from the Microsoft’s official website. This may take a long time because the file size is very large and its download process is very slow.
In order to download the file, click on the link below:

Once you have downloaded the file, you can extract it by clicking on the link, as shown in the following screenshot.
In case you have multiple files in the download, you can select them by clicking on the folder icon, as shown in the screenshot below.
And then download the files by clicking on the check box.
The installation process is simple and straightforward. You don’t need to do anything except clicking on the check box and installing the files.
The following steps will show you how to install and use the SDK:
1. After you have successfully downloaded the file, extract it by double clicking on it.
2. In order to activate the SDK, open the shortcut and choose the option Run As Administrator.
3. After the installation process completes, the SDK will be installed in the following path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Project.
4. Open the path and find the folder SDK. Then, double click on the SDK folder to access its contents.
5. The folders are as follows:

samples – Contains the project files and the necessary resources for your projects

lib – Contains the sample programs for the SDK

tools – Contains the tools that are required for SDK functions

lib/test – Contains the tests that can help you check the SDK for compatibility issues

sdk-resources – Contains the SDK-specific resources that are used in your projects

6. Open the SDK folder by double clicking on it.
7. Inside the SDK folder, you can see the main folder called tools that contains the tools, libraries and projects for your extensions.
8. Click on the option Debug. Then, the solution will load.

9. Open the SDK folder by clicking on the menu on the top left corner, as shown in the following screenshot.
10. Now, you can find the tools folder. You can find two folders inside the tools folder.

x32 – Used for 32-bit applications.

x64 – Used for 64-

Microsoft Project 2013 SDK With License Key

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So far this has been a great starter kit and I’m really enjoying it!

I’m using the project SDK v.1.4.2 as a whole package and it’s like having a bunch of the goodies that used to live on v.2.0.x finally in a single package and I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying the “back to basics” feel of it.

In terms of getting things going though, I would recommend starting with the Getting Started section.

First, it’s best to download the SDK and then locate the InstallSdkFromFolder.bat file (which can be found in the SDK installation folder).

Next, open a command prompt and navigate to the SDK install location (I usually just type “cd S:” into the command prompt and press enter).

Finally, run the InstallSdkFromFolder.bat file by typing “C:\SDKInstall\InstallSdkFromFolder.bat” into the command prompt and press enter.


Once that’s done, it should look something like this:

That’s it! If it’s any help, I did a set of 3 tutorials for the project SDK as a result of all of my own struggles and I also have the most recent version of the SDK installed (v.1.4.2) which you can get here (you’ll need to register for an account first though):

The following is a list of all the tools available in the Project SDK.
All tools available in Project SDK
– Visual Studio Extension
– Customization Tool
– SharePoint Add-in Tool
– Project Add-in Tool
– Document Tool
– Project SDK GUI
– Project SDK Testing Tool
– Project SDK Host Code Loader
– Project SDK Build
– Project SDK Event Handler
– Project SDK Menus
– Project SDK API
The following are the tools that can be found in the SDK (not all of them are available with this version of the SDK).
List of all SDK tools

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I have reviewed the VMware NSX 8.2.3 Cumulative Update for Windows 7/8/8.1/8.2 and Mac, which includes multiple fixes for the related issues. You can download the updated bundle from here.

After a successful installation you can use NSX PowerShell to login to the controller host and install the hotfix using the following commands:

NSX PowerShell version 2.0.7

Install-NSXHotfix -ControllerHost -hotfix-file

Download the file, double-click the file to install the hotfix.

To disable the install of the hotfix run the following command:

Remove-NSXHotfix -ControllerHost -hotfix-file

To list the installed hotfixes on the NSX controller:


To uninstall the hotfix run the following command:

Install-NSXHotfix -ControllerHost -uninstall-file

A virtual machine host, such as ESXi or ESXi Cloud, offers the ability to run multiple virtual machines. You can select to run one VM, or use several VMs concurrently in a cluster.

This article provides useful information on the installation and configuration of NSX 8.2.3 for Windows on a virtual machine host, as well as the necessary steps for activating and configuring NSX.

Virtual machine hosts support one or more virtual machines (VMs) that can be allocated from a pool of resources. Each VM contains a guest operating system that can run virtual machines.

NSX virtual machine hosts allow you to launch and manage VMs in the VMware NSX virtual machine environment. You can run VMs for a number of purposes, such as testing a new NSX product, running your own data center, and running your production network.

A VM host is an ESXi host that is certified to run NSX 8.2.3. To determine if your ESXi host is certified, run the esxcli software cert list command from the ESXi host. This command lists all ESXi hosts that are certified to run NSX.

NOTE: For details about how to identify a NSX 8.2.3 VMware ESXi host that is certified, see the VMware Docs blog.

NSX virtual machine hosts are available in VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Plus (without Management client), Enterprise, and Essentials editions.

Cumulative hotfix available

Cumulative hotfix for NSX 8.2.3 is available.

For more information about the cumulative update, see the Cumulative Update Release Notes for NSX

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Mac OSX 10.9 or later.
SteamOS or Steam Client 2.8.6 or later
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