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LiteCam HD Crack + Product Key Download [April-2022]

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LiteCam HD

liteCam HD Torrent Download is the perfect portable photo and video solution for people on the move. It is a powerful yet low-power small camera for PDA, smart phone, MP3 player, GPS, tablet or portable computer. All the features you expect from the professional travel-oriented LITE-Cam family are packed in a very sleek yet fully featured PDA camera. It comes with its own 200 gram durable high-quality lens with optical zoom in addition to a macro capability. The LITE-Cam HD is made to survive extreme conditions like drops and dirt on the road.
Tiny Key Features:
Incl. : Power, AF, Movie, Video, 1.3MP, Color Balance, AF-S, Macro, BG-7, Eco, P/A/S/M, Sweep Panorama, Geo-tagging, Self Timer, ISO, Highlight, Low Light, Focal Setting and Picture Taking
Strong Features:
The camera has a self-timer of up to 2.5 seconds.
With the Magic Control, the camera can be operated like a video camera or still with the touch of a button.
This camera is especially suited for travel.
The Splashproof camera can take photos under water.
The World Camera can take photos and videos in 60 different countries.
The camera is built from durable materials.
The case is made from magnesium alloy, a very strong and durable material, and therefore will last you a long time.
Very compact:
You can store the camera in a backpack, a camera pouch or a tiny camera bag.
Keep your camera safe when in your backpack or bag.
The camera is entirely Aluminised.
The surface can not be scratched.
Optimal Operation:
The camera is powered with 3.7V and includes 2xAAA batteries.
The camera is easy to handle and can be operated with one hand.
2.5 0.5 inches sensor (8.3×2.3 mm):
The sensor has a resolution of 1,300,000 pixels (8.3 x 2.3 mm).
The sensor size results in a high pixel density and a good contrast.
With the excellent performance of the Dual IS the camera is more stable than other Smartphone cameras.
2.5 0.7 inches sensor (10.3×2.3 mm):
The resolution of the 2.5” high resolution sensor increases to 600

LiteCam HD Crack+ 2022 [New]

The portable and lightweight edition of the app. liteCam HD provides instant on-the-go HD video recording and a convenient workflow for a simple way to create, edit and share high quality videos.
Edit movies
Quickly and easily trim or crop your videos, or rotate, flip or flip left/right to get your film just right.
Share movies
Light Cam HD offers direct share options for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and various social networks.
Handy 20 second auto-save lets you run your app without worrying about losing your footage.
liteCam HD Key features:
Quick editing
Edit movies and videos in real-time
20 second auto-save
Direct share
High quality video
Plethora of filters and effects
Light weight
Connect to HD camcorders via Wi-Fi
Plethora of filters and effects
Edits movies and videos in real-time
20 second auto-save
Direct share
Handy 20 second auto-save
High quality video
liteCam HD – liteCam HD – Capture with video quality that’s unsurpassed by any other camcorder
In comparison to the competitors in this category, liteCam HD gives you a fully integrated, extremely easy to use software for video recording, with advanced video editing, direct sharing and a variety of photo effects that will make your videos a cut above the rest.
The app integrates with your HTC Android phone or tablet and connects wirelessly to your HD camcorder or DSLR camera via Wi-Fi for video recording. It also includes an integrated 20-second auto-save, photo editing, and a convenient calendar view that helps you efficiently organize your video-taking trips.
liteCam HD comes loaded with a variety of features and simple to use photo and video editing.
Light video camera
With a simple light video camera, everyone can record audio and video.
Provides a Quick Edit menu for easy editing
Trim or crop your video to exactly what you want.
Option to rotate, flip and flip left/right
Simple and intuitive interface
liteCam HD integrates with your Android cell phone or tablet to connect to and record video from your camcorder, DSLR camera or tripod via Wi-Fi.
The light video camera on your device offers a Quick Edit menu for easy video editing. Just tap for trimming, crop or rotate, flip or flip left/right and the camera video clips will be saved to your device within 20 seconds

What’s New In?

LiteCam HD is the only all-in-one video capture and live streaming application designed and built for Android. It’s the ultimate all-in-one video recorder that enables you to shoot, edit and stream video on the go at high resolution.
LiteCam HD will record unlimited videos in high resolution (1080p / 720p / 1080i / 720i / 480p) and popular formats (MOV, MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPEG, JPG, MP3 and more). And you can perform many other awesome editing on videos recorded, such as trim, crop, merge, mute, slow motion, speed, etc.
Built-in live streaming/casting allows your friends and family to watch and chat with you in real-time, with no complicated setting needed. And when you pause live streaming, you can automatically save the live stream as a.avi or.mp4.
Record video and listen to your audio as your need. We have included a built-in microphone to record sound, so you can use external mic while shooting or recording sound. And you can control the camera’s audio and video recording via the on-screen buttons.
With this app, you can use the front or back camera for shooting and stream video. Also you can configure options of the camera’s focus for shooting. You can save the recorded videos locally or on the cloud, and then access them via cloud sharing to download.
You can also use other applications to access the camera, such as Hulu and Netflix applications. You can launch the camera to record your life.
We recommend you to connect the phone with WiFi and then access the camera via WiFi. If the camera is connected with the computer, it can save the video and audio files on the computer.
1. LiteCam HD is an auto app that requires a rooted phone. So it does not work on normal phones.
2. The camera won’t work when no internet connection is available.
3. When connected to your computer via PC’s Ethernet port, please note that we cannot guarantee that the camera will work.
Like other apps, LiteCam HD has the permission to access your location so that we can detect where the camera is and how to focus.
LiteCam HD has the permission to access storage so that it can save recordings.
LiteCam HD has the permission to access accounts on your phone so that it can upload, download, and delete.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (or above)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024 x 768
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game will display an in-game dialog box informing the player that game files have not been properly installed. Clicking the ‘OK’ button will attempt to reinstall the game files.