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LaunchLater is a small application that helps you launch any kind of program at a specified time and intervals. Apart from launching any application, it is designed to launch only two applications at the same time. This gives you the power of choice. You can now decide which programs to launch every time you boot your computer. You can define the type of delay before they run.
If you have just learned this method, then you will learn to put your own time delay of applications launched on the fly to time in your system startup. This way, you will benefit from the power of choosing the programs you launch every time you boot your computer.
The principle is that LaunchLater is a very small application that will help you set specific time intervals for the launching of your applications. It is a very powerful application which can help you manage your programs without deleting them from your system.
LaunchLater is a very simple application for Windows 7. It will not have many features to manage your applications. It is only designed to be used to launch specific applications at a specified time intervals. When you launch your application, you will not only set the time intervals for their launch, but also you will have the opportunity to add their arguments.
LaunchLater allows you to launch your favorite programs by adding them in a list. You can even configure to add the program’s shortcut in your system startup folder. You will thus have the power to launch programs that are not in your Startup folder.
This application is also designed to launch only two applications at the same time. This is very useful when you are running two programs at the same time. You can also run several instances of the same application. This helps you launch several applications at the same time with just a click.
You can launch a program several time, depending on the time interval you will set for this application. You will have the possibility to pause or suspend your program whenever you want.
Even though LaunchLater has many features, it is a very small application. It is only designed to be used to launch programs at a specific time intervals. In addition, it will be a good helper in launching applications from within programs.
You can launch your favorite programs at specific time intervals. You will have the possibility to suspend or pause your applications. When you resume them, the application will launch your applications at the specified time intervals. This is a very powerful application for Windows 7.
Launching specific programs at specific time intervals can have a great impact on the performance of your computer. In order to make


KeyMacro is a clipboard-based automation application that enables you to create macros, execute them by pressing the right mouse button, and bind macros to the keyboard. After that, macros can be edited, deleted, and renamed.
Why KeyMacro is useful:
KeyMacro enables you to create self-running scripts which can be executed with the click of a mouse button. The scripts can be done to reduce repetition and to automate some tasks. For instance, you can set a macro to copy the clipboard to the clip board every time you open a specific file.
KeyMacro also offers auto-type macros which enable you to use your mouse to type letters or phrases, then the result is automatically added to your clipboard.
How to use KeyMacro:
The application comes with a toolbar for easy access to each option. At the bottom of the window, you’ll find an area for a text editor where you can define your macros and then the keystrokes to execute them.
For each action, you can select a delay time between 0 and 10 seconds. You can also save a macro to a.mak file, and assign the macro to be used by pressing a hotkey (1-9).
There are two modes in which you can use KeyMacro:
a) Auto-Repeat mode: This mode is to be used when you want to create a repeated macro. In this mode, you select a text to be repeated, a delay time, and a count. You will see how the macro is being repeated (note that a text is added at the end of the text string, or vice versa, depending on your selected option).
b) Custom Mode: This mode is to be used when you want to create a custom macro. In this mode, you select a text or text with images, a delay time, a count, and a hotkey.
Supported formats:
KeyMacro supports text and image formats, as well as an arbitrary length of text (not limited to 2 words).
Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
If you do not select any options, the macro will be ready to run instantly.
Macros can be run in both Auto-Repeat and Custom mode.
The macros are executed after the delay has elapsed and the count is reached.
Not compatible with Windows 8.1:

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LaunchLater is an easy-to-use and highly customizable utility that provides a predefined set of Windows applications to be launched at certain times or after certain waiting time. You can add a time delay after any program is launched and the scheduler will run the specified program at that time.
You can also choose to run a program immediately or the next time you log in. You can even use the scheduler to set the default operating system for each user.
LaunchLater has more than 2000+ preset schedules! And you can customize it to match your needs.
LaunchLater can also help you automate system events, such as shutdown, logoff, and startup.
Use the scheduler to launch each program at different intervals, or launch them all after a set time delay.
You can launch a program immediately, schedule it to run at a specified time, schedule it to run when the user logs in, or even schedule it to run each time the user logs out.
You can also choose to start a program at the next startup or to have the scheduler automatically run the program on login.
This program can also be used to run programs when your system goes into sleep mode, or can be used as a startup manager.
Preset scheduler
Time delayed programs
Run program on login
Run program on system start
Run program on system shutdown
Run program immediately
Start program at logoff
Start program on startup
Run program when a user logs in
Launch program when the user logs out
Set default operating system for each user
Use custom schedules
Customize your scheduler
Run multiple programs at the same time
Advanced settings
Multilingual support
Open Source
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.NET Requirements:
Vista or later: Windows XP SP3 is recommended
Windows Server 2003 SP2 or later: Windows Server 2003 SP1 is recommended
Windows 8 or later: Windows 7 SP1 is recommended
Windows 2000 SP4 or later: Windows 2000 SP2 is recommended
Windows 95 or later: Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 SP6 is recommended
System requirements:
Windows: Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
Web: IIS 6 or later
Windows Service: Windows 2000 or

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System Requirements:

•Windows 7, Vista, 8, and 10.
•300MHz CPU
•30GB free disk space.
•DirectX 9.0c
•Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 10 or later, Chrome or Safari.
•A mouse
•An X-Box 360 controller or other gamepad.
Minimum System Requirements
•Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
•1.3 GHz CPU
•20GB free disk space