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License key, License Generator and License Key.. Licznik. Feb 4 2017 10:16 PM. Generating, deleting, storing the license key and so on was a lot of complication and I thought that new versions of the software Q:

When is it good to override magic methods?

I’ve inherited a piece of code that does something like this:
if(! $object->isAtLeast(‘News’)){
// do something
return false;

I’ve converted the method to an instance method:
public function atLeast($value){
return $this->isAtLeast($value);

Is this an acceptable change? Is there anything wrong with overriding magic methods?
I’d rather keep this kind of code if possible, but I’m not really sure where I’m allowed to mess with the language.


Is this an acceptable change?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. Anytime you need to override a getter/setter in PHP, you can do so, and do exactly what you did in your question. Just be sure to always call the parent method, not the child method.
The methods used in the conditional logic aren’t magic in any way; they’re completely normal, publicly readable methods on the object.

Is there anything wrong with overriding magic methods?

There is no real difference between overriding a normal method versus overriding a magic method, so there is no reason to worry about them at all.


Logic – For all or some?

Say I have a class Dog.
I would like a method to print out the dogs name and age, based on 3 variables.
I tried something like this:
if (($_GET[‘dog’] == ‘great dane’) || ($_GET[‘dog’] == ‘chihuahua’) || ($_GET[‘dog’] == ‘corgi’)) {
echo $dog->getName();
echo $dog->getAge();

What’s the more appropriate way to do this?


The assignment is not what causes the problem, but the logic. Your method only has to check the $_GET variables, but if they are true or false it still needs to evaluate the if statement. It has to do that for each value.


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Sep 27, 2016
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