* Multiple Slideshows Import
Import multiple Slideroll slideshows and combine their videos in one video.
* Slide Duration Time Adjustment
Adjust the duration time of your slideshow.
* Slideshow Enable/Disable
Enable or disable the slideshow in your Slideroll slideshow.
* Slideshow Collapse/Expand
Collapse or expand your slideshow.
* Slideshow Music Change
Change the slideshow music in your slideshow.
* Automatically Start/End Slideshow
Start and end your slideshow automatically.
* Slideshow Title Change
Change the slideshow title.
* Slide Transition Effects
Use your own transition effects.
* Slide Background Change
Change the background slideshow music.
* Slide Animation
Slide the selected image.
* Slideroll Auto Play
Automatically play the slideshow.
* Slideshow Play/Pause
Play or pause the slideshow.
* Slideshow Loop
Slide the selected image.
* Export to MP4 or MP3
Export your slideshow to MP4 or MP3.
* Audio
Add/Remove audio.
* Video
Add/Remove video.
PNG, JPG and BMP (PNG-8/32) image formats.
* Audio/Video
Add/Remove audio and video.
* Flip Horizontal/Vertical
Flip horizontally or vertically the slideshow.
* Duration Time
Set the duration time of your slideshow.
* Playlist
Create Playlist to combine multiple Slideroll slideshows.
* Shuffle
Shuffle the slideshow images.
* Photo Album
Import Slideroll photos albums and combine their videos in one video.
* Slideshow Adjust Image Size
Adjust the image size and width/height of your slideshow.
* Video Size Adjust
Adjust the video size and width/height of your slideshow.
* Share
Share your slideshow with friends or with Slideroll, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more.
* Slideshow Photo Editing
Edit the image/video and slideshow photos with easy photo editing.
* Slideshow Description
Edit the slideshow description.
* Slideshow Cover
Change your slideshow title.
* Export to MP4/MP3
Export your slideshow to MP4/MP3.
* Slideshow Photo Border
Change the slideshow border.
* Slideshow Photo Color
Change the slideshow color.
* Slideshow Photo 384a16bd22

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Main features:
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– Record mouse movements
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