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Garmin Ais 600 Setup Software 13


Nov 8, 2018
Hello, I know this is a years-old question, but I’m trying to acquire a diesel powered boat for the first time and I’m trying to figure out if the AIS 600 would be a better option than a handheld AN/PRC-116, or would it be better to use a boat-mounted AN/PQRS-36, or just maybe a GPS-based system with a “reverse receiver?”


The AIS 600 is a much better option for a new boat than a handheld AN/PRC-116, or a boat-mounted AN/PQRS-36.
AIS is what you want for keeping tabs on what is going on near you. With a handheld AN/PRC-116 you would have to manually keep going to the plotted position on a map to see what is there. With a boat-mounted AN/PQRS-36 you get integrated tracking of what is going on near you.
AIS is backed by best efforts to keep it accurate but this is only if the boat is adhering to international standards.
I have a boat with a Garmin AIS 600 mounted on the boat. It stays on its own channel in the UHF band so it’s not interfering with the other channels I have running on VHF frequencies. It gives me a much better picture of what is going on near me than I get from a handheld AN/PRC-116.
If you are buying a new boat and it has factory installed AIS you should have the option of keeping the existing one or buying a new one from the dealer at no additional cost.
NOTE: Some boaters are not aware that they can get one for free.


PHP $_FILES only see first file upload, and doesnt need to upload anything

i’m having a little trouble understanding this situation, I have a function that (it seems) only uploads the first file that has been added, and ignores the rest (and i’ve added a check for this).
As far as i can see, $this->_files->add($file); only adds the first file to the collection i’m adding $files to.
My question is, does it only do this because $file is already a valid image, and won’t do anything if it’s not a valid image?

private function _store


Mar 28, 2020
Here’s what to do to get your ais 600 to automatically upload gps tracks to Garmin Connect.Mar 14, 2020

Mar 14, 2020
Garmin just released the AIS 600 wireless marine tracking unit. It’s a standalone gps tracking system. Its effective range is up to 6 nautical miles. It’s waterproof. The AIS 600 is shipping in May 2020 for $400. Later on, mariners can receive all the AIS 6.0 data via their Garmin GPS or smartphone. Has AIS 6.0 is supported by the ais 800 and ais 900, but a different connector cable.I want to be able to track my boat’s position from my phone. However, I already have a GPS receiver (garmin gps3). I want to avoid buying another expensive device just to track my boat. Does anyone know any free alternatives that I can use?

Apr 3, 2019
Warning: AIS 600 Setup is different than AIS 700/AIS 800/AIS 900. Steps 1-4 are the same. You can skip a few steps in below instructions to speed up the process.
When you turn on AIS 600, the screen will prompt you to take the keyboard. If you see the prompt, input the pwd and press ok. The prompt should disappear. If the prompt does not disappear, here is the way to .
Sep 15, 2019
Hi, i want the ais 600 to pick up the channels i have on my radio. If the settings page is dimmed a red light is lit for a few seconds.My radio is a GE cadet.
Sep 5, 2019
Hi I have two AIS 600 tracking units on my sailing boat.I receive and transmit but not at the same time.The two AIS 600 show different positions.Whats wrong?
I work for the state agency and yes i had the correct setting on the radio and the ais 600. When i first got my boat one of the AIS 600 would not pick up anything. I fixed it by switching the radio to the first frequency. Later on i got the second AIS 600 to pick up and transmit but not at the same time.
Sep 17, 2020
there are 2 ways to set up the ais 600. My ais 600 has step 1-2 and step 3-4 on my ais card. Step 5-8 will be just the



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