BotMek is a unique and highly customizable keyboard shortcut helper. It allows you to program a wide variety of custom functions and assign them shortcuts. Programming is easy, straight forward and absolutely no software is required. While BotMek has a very simple interface that is easy to use and almost anyone can use it, programming the bot requires some understanding of Lua scripting and it’s programming syntax.
● Customized Keyboard Shortcuts: The application allows you to program customized shortcut commands that can be executed at any time and from any location within the game.
● Append Custom Commands: BotMek supports custom commands that can be appended to any given bot command.
● BotMek’s Commands: BotMek provides over 60 different bot commands that can be used to automate any gaming task.
● Integrates with Game Engine: BotMek supports the three main game engines; Unity, RPG Maker and Astragon/Phantasy Star Online (Korea).
● Demo Version: BotMek is the demo version of a fully customizable keyboard shortcut system. It allows you to quickly prototype all your customizable functions and test them before releasing the full version.
● Richbot Engine: BotMek’s RichBot Engine enables the creation of your own customizable functions. It also offers the ability to program your own scripts.
● RoboLUA: The RoboLUA is a Lua engine for Roblox that enables you to program complex Lua statements.
BotMek Requirements:
● Windows XP SP3 or higher
●.NET Framework 4.0 or higher
● 1 GB RAM
●.NET Framework 3.5 or higher is required for scripting using RoboLUA
• In-game access is required for all of the bot commands
• BotMek supports all game engines as well as Unity3D, RPG Maker and Astragon/Phantasy Star Online (Korea)
Version History:
1.5: Added support for Windows 7 and updated to the latest version of RoboLUA.
1.4.1: Fixed a few minor bugs.
1.4: BotMek is now available on Steam.
1.3: Fixed a bug where some bot commands were not working.
1.2: Updated to work with the latest RoboLUA version.
1.1: Fixed a bug where you could not add a robot in-game.
1.0: Initial Release

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