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DirLister Cracked Version is a utility that helps you to create your own, customized text file with directory structure. It will take one or more directories as an input, create a basic list of all the files, and then you are able to make modifications such as including the file sizes or adding names to be used as file filters.
DirLister Crack Features:
– Allows you to create directory listings from Explorer view
– Contains the list of files and folder names and their sizes
– Allows to list file types, including EXE, JPEG, SWF, etc.
– Allows to use the file information to create custom text files (HTML, TXT, CSV, XML, JSON, MD)
– Allows to select a subfolder in Explorer to be selected to begin the task
– Allows to view only the latest modified files
– Allows to copy and paste file names into the main directory for creating an entry
– Allows to filter file listings
– You can use the explorer context menu to start the program
– You can start DirLister in one directory and use the other directory as input, after that you can use the command line tool to filter out the files
– You can easily save the file to TXT, HTML, CSV, XML, JSON or MD formats
– You can output one file at a time
– You can easily delete the created file or directory
– You can save the results as plain text, HTML, TXT, CSV, XML, JSON or MD files
– You can rename the saved output file
– You can save all the output files into a single file
– You can ask DirLister to open the saved output file
– You can run the program recursively or list only the specified directory
– You can filter files by name or type
– You can enable recursive mode
– You can enable file size listing
– You can filter files by size
– You can filter files by name
– You can add multiple names to be used as filters
– You can ask DirLister to start the program in Windows Explorer
– You can ask DirLister to stop the program in Windows Explorer
– You can also ask the program to open the saved file in Windows Explorer
– You can ask the program to close the saved file
– You can ask the program to open all the files at once
– You can set the file size column to 0 to hide the size column
– You can specify the maximum file name length
– You can

DirLister With License Key

DirLister is a powerful tool that allows you to create directory listings with a simple right-click. It can create either HTML- or TXT-based lists that you can download and open in your browser.
Why you should use it:
It allows you to create listings with your favorite file format: HTML, TXT, CSV, XML, JSON and MD, and there are multiple options to enhance your file listing, such as filter by name and/or extension, open output files after the task has been completed, make use of Recursive Mode, and more.
After you download the application, you can simply right-click on a folder and choose to create a directory listing. It is easy to create listings of any location.
The program provides a clean interface and offers clean and logical navigation. It does not consume a lot of memory or CPU, and runs quickly with no errors, so it is suitable for everyday use.
Several features work well and make the application a useful tool.

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System Requirements:

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Processor: Intel Core i5-2500