Crypto Investing | Up to 4x ROI to cold traffic
Brand new marketing funnel created for this EXACT moment in time and written by a world class copywriter

Our suite of crypto investing and trading products have already generated 15 million dollars in revenue since 2018 - brand new positioning and updated sales webinar is giving us a 4-5x return on ad spend to ice cold traffic on very BROAD terms!

We’re generating $8 of revenue for each and every click

With that kind of margin, imagine how well you could do, especially since you’ll be getting 50% of the $97/month offer.

This campaign was crafted by a world class copywriter (me) who has already turned millions of dollars in sales for this target market. Business strategy, traffic, and operations are handled by a very competent and badass team of entrepreneurs over at The Keystone Investors.

This offer converts to investors, even if he doesn’t even really like crypto!

Our cryptocurrency investing program is high quality and actually helps people (unlike other companies that provide garbage). Our product includes direct mentoring and real guidance in investing strategies work no matter if the market is up or down! Because they’re based on solid analysis, research, and real world experience.

It’s important to know our products are high quality and our refund/chargeback rate is currently under 2%. 

Demographics working best for this offer: 
  • Male
  • ​40+
  • ​Right wing, conservative, or libertarian political lean
  • ​Wants to make money through investing
We want you to make money with us while helping people get ahead during this crazy time - if you need anything custom written or built for you, contact us and we’ll consider it on a case by case basis. 

This offer converts like crazy because the world is very fearful AND greedy right now - the perfect combination for sales if you know what you’re doing. We’ve done all the work for you, all you gotta do is put it in front of people. 

Have Any Questions? Email Us or Add On Skype:

Email: [email protected]

Offer Manager: Iman Shafiei
Skype: jack.nation996

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