It is a macro editor. Macros provide a convenient way of automating tasks.Key is a large, easily manageable and customizable environment for composing commands.The editor is a full-featured environment for organizing and running scripts and keystrokes. It enables you to work on multiple keystrokes, key sequences, scripts, windows, files, and files while you are working on any other application.Key provides a large array of data types.Key supports all the most commonly used data types for all major operating systems.Some data types can be created without the editor.Key supports all the most common syntaxes.Key supports a large range of data types including RTF, HTML, Hypertext Markup Language; JPEG, Jpeg; XPM, X PixMap; GEO, Geo Referencing; PGM, P C Gray Map; PNG, Portable Network Graphics; GIF, Graphic Interchange Format; PNG, Portable Network Graphics; WMF, Windows Metafile; JP2, JPEG2000; BMP, Bitmap; DSA, Digital Signature Algorithm; WPG, Windows PostScript Graphics; PS, PostScript; PDF, Portable Document Format; XLS, Microsoft Excel; DOC, Microsoft Word; ODT, OpenDocument Format; CSA, CoolBrains Symphony; HTA, Hypertext Application; RTF, Rich Text Format; MATH, MathML; VTL, V-Ray; GPX, Google Earth Plug-in XML; GLB, Global Library of BigTIFF files and much more.Key can create and read BigTIFF files.Key can create and read many of the other formats commonly used in the industry.Key is highly portable and works with all major operating systems including: Macintosh, Windows, DOS, Unix, Linux, AIX, and OS/2.
Drag and drop images with multiple levels of description from OS X Finder to the Key editor.
Convert TIFF image to RGB, HSB, HSV, Grayscale, or CMYK.
Support for multiple layers, with different opacities.
Convert TIFF image to JPEG, BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA, and other formats.
Extract rectangular regions from images.
Display transparency properties for selected regions.
Save selected regions as bitmaps.
Calculate average, maximum and minimum color values of selected regions.
Create multipage MS Word documents and distribute images as sections.
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Your favorite VST host having access to MACROs:
– Applying filter settings: Attack/Decay, Q, Gain, Resonance, Sustain, Feedback, Overall Volume, Pan, Delay, Pan/Filter, Master Volume, Mix, Roll-off, and Dry/Wet
– Filter Settings: resonance, attack, decay, release, feedback, overall volume, pan, delay, pan/filter, master volume, mix, roll-off, and dry/wet
– Mixing can be saved as a preset and loaded back at any time by clicking on the preset icon.

Keymacro is a free to use VST plugin designed to help you develop your own synth plugins in the Style of the renowned Yamaha SY88 and Korg M1.The free and easy to use VST plugin has a powerful toolset for development:
-New to VST plugin development?
Have no fear, Keymacro is easily configurable and has the features you need to rapidly create your own VST plugins. Keymacro has all the features you are likely to need, but doesn’t add any clutter.
-Access to MIDI and CV control
Keymacro gives you direct control of the envelope generator via MIDI notes. You can control the incoming signal and process it in real time. A dedicated CV input lets you connect external hardware to quickly achieve effects, such as a tape echo or tape delay.
-Ease of use
Keymacro has a very clean interface, allowing you to quickly develop your own synth patches. There’s no need to dive into the VST host settings or learn a complicated interface. It’s all right here!
You can save your work as a patch (or session) layer. You can then open this patch layer, choose which layers to use and develop from them. Save your work at any time with the Save patch tool.
-Auto Pan
Automatically re-voices the selected patches.

Nordkleenext is a free plugin, VST-format and multi-platform. This VST instrument is designed for the use in the most important genres of music. The plugin gives you the possibility to combine various kinds of sound sources. The effect generator is very versatile.
Key features:
– 13 effect engines: Chorus, phaser, flanger, ring modulator, multimode filter, multimode equalizer, spring reverb, delay line, feedback, digital delay,