If you happen to own a smartphone and a digital camera, then there is a good chance that you have a consistent number of pictures that you need to manage. Then again, thanks to applications such as ColorRiver Remote Control for Nikon, bringing order to these multimedia files does not have to a titanic task.
Comes with a clean and well-organized interface
The setup is a quick and painless process that is unlikely to give you any troubles. Once completed, you are prompted to connect your digital camera, a task you can do via the USB cable or another interface if the device supports other methods. Take note that the tool is designed to recognize multimedia files from the camera and hence, you cannot use those that you store on your computer.
Upon launch, you are welcomed by a clean GUI that comprises of four main tabs, namely Camera, Flash, Processing and Image. From here, you can access various parameters of the pictures, including the shooting controls. In fact, you can set the ISO Sensitivity, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure Comp as well as the Focus and Release modes, to name a few.
Supports various SLR Nikon camera models
You will be happy to learn that the program works with the several SLR camera models, including, but not limited to D3, D3S, D80, D90, D300, D700, D500 and D7000. Then again, depending on the device model, you may or may not take advantage of all functions as well as the LiveView.
As far as the enhancing is concerned, the application enables you to tweak the sharpening, tone composition, color space, saturation and hue adjustment, options you can find in the Processing tab. In case you are not satisfied with the photo and there is no way to improve them, then you can also delete them directly.
A straightforward tool for managing your Nikon camera remotely
In the eventuality that you need to manage dozens of photos that you take using your Nikon camera every day and you prefer a quick way to manage them or apply a few corrections, then perhaps ColorRiver Remote Control for Nikon could come in handy







ColorRiver Remote Control For Nikon Free [32|64bit]

ColorRiver Remote Control for Nikon is the ideal tool for managing Nikon cameras remotely. This program enables you to configure your camera settings, start or stop the camera or even upload the images. Using the Nikon camera connection module, you are able to view the camera menus and even alter them.
The program has a clean and easy-to-use interface and comes with an instant preview option to enable you to test the settings. Then again, in order to make the best of your Nikon camera, you may have to customize it, that is why the settings here can be easily altered. In addition, you can also change the perspective and background options, set the shooting modes and much more.
Advanced options for increasing the performance of the camera
In order to improve the performance of your camera, ColorRiver Remote Control for Nikon provides advanced options, the likes of which include the following:
• Focus and Release mode, Shutter speed, Aperture
• ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation
• White balance, Auto, Flash Off
• White balance, Custom
• White balance, Sunlight, Flash Off, Auto
• White balance, Daylight, Flash Off, Auto, Custom
• White balance, Cloudy, Flash Off, Auto, Custom
The program provides support for the Nikon D3 and D4 models and it can be configured to work with any other digital camera that is compatible with the Nikon camera connection module. Then again, this means that your camera is connected to your computer via a USB cable, and you can access its menus and perform various other tasks.
Enjoy the clear interface, preset options, instant preview and many more
ColorRiver Remote Control for Nikon is a simple to use utility that you can configure and operate with ease and grace. This program comes with a clean interface and a solid set of features that are likely to please a wide range of photographers, such as you.

I tested it on my D3S on a Mac. It’s a D3S version of the D3/D700 (same camera) and that’s all I’ve tried. The colors are fine on my Mac, but not on a PC.

I believe that some drivers that come with the D3 or D4 are not installed on a Mac. That would be a hint…

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ColorRiver Remote Control For Nikon PC/Windows

A small and easy to use application for Windows that enables you to remotely control a number of Nikon camera models.
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

TinyGrab (Freeware) is a very small but powerful image capture software. It is mainly designed for those users who love capturing photos with their digital camera. TinyGrab allows you to capture your favorite image on the fly, with only a single click.
Features of TinyGrab

1. TinyGrab is a tiny image capture program with just 8 Kb of codes and 2 Kb of space on your hard disk. You can use TinyGrab to take pictures or record any video directly on your PC by simply selecting the capturing button with your mouse.

2. Very easy to use. You just have to point the picture-taking cursor on the area you want to capture or start recording the video and you are done. There is no need for you to set the image size and angle. It will be done automatically by TinyGrab. In the meanwhile, your pictures and videos will be saved in the default image or video folder that you specify in the settings.

3. The program supports capturing JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, AVI, MP4 and MOV file formats.

4.You can set the capturing area in the program settings to capture an area from the active screen or full screen.

5. The program records the screen directly into JPG format. You can preview and manage your recordings in the main interface.

6. With the help of hotkeys, you can capture a specific region on the screen, manage your recordings, set the capture area or stop the recording directly.

7. You can create your own custom hotkeys for capturing the screen.

8. TinyGrab has built-in media player that you can use to play your captured images or videos.

9. The recorded files can be previewed in the main interface, directly copied to your hard disk, sent to your PC by email or embedded into any website with only one click.

10. You can send your photos directly to your PC from any website through TinyGrab’s built-in e-mail client.

11. You can preview the selected area of captured image or video by pressing the ‘Ctrl’+’Alt’+’Del’ keys simultaneously.

12. TinyGrab supports both mouse and keyboard operation, enabling you to take a photo

ColorRiver Remote Control For Nikon Crack +

Nikon Camera Remote Control. For Nikon Camera remotes.Control your camera and browse your camera remotely. Remotely view your camera’s settings, as well as apply camera settings. The Nikon Camera Remote Control software application is an easy to use application that allows you to remotely view and control your Nikon camera using your computer. It is an easy to use application that allows you to remotely view and control your Nikon camera using your computer.

Operates over the internet and via the USB cable.Use your computer as a remote camera.Use a web browser and connect to the control application on your computer.Connect via the USB cable to the camera. Control the camera from your computer.

The application displays the information of your camera, including the current settings and the camera image quality. It allows you to change the current settings using the control application.

Simply click on the desired option and the camera will react. The current settings are displayed in the camera.

Alternatively, you can select the option “Control” in the application to set the camera settings manually. Then follow the instructions in the application.

The application is fully compatible with the following Nikon models. D3, D3S, D80, D90, D300, D700, D500 and D7000.The application is compatible with all of the Nikon DSLR models, including the D3, D3S, D80, D90, D300, D700, D500, and D7000.

The program can be used as a remote control application.

The camera supports all Nikon Digital SLR cameras. You can use it to view the camera settings and to change the settings.

The program is compatible with all Nikon digital SLR cameras including D3, D3S, D80, D90, D300, D700, D500 and D7000.

The program is compatible with Nikon Digital SLR cameras including D3, D3S, D80, D90, D300, D700, D500 and D7000.

The program will not work when the Nikon camera is connected to the computer via the USB cable.

The application is easy to use and provides a quick and convenient way to control your camera. It is fully compatible with Nikon DSLR cameras and can be used to view camera settings and change the settings. It is also compatible with all Nikon digital SLR cameras.

When a video clip is started, the application automatically

What’s New In ColorRiver Remote Control For Nikon?

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System Requirements For ColorRiver Remote Control For Nikon:

The Game is meant to be played on a machine capable of running it.
Minimum System Requirements are given below for the Windows version of the game. These specs are for systems running Microsoft Windows (32bit or 64bit). For details about running Ubuntu on your system or using another OS please see the ‘Other system requirements’ section below.
Supported OS: Microsoft Windows (32bit or 64bit)
Graphics: DirectX 11
Video Memory: 2 GB
CPU: Intel Core i3 2100/AMD Phenom II X