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Document management system to manage and process up to 150,000 pages of scanned paper documents.

Download Documents from Scanner.

Scan PDF documents.

Export and convert PDF documents to Text/ XML/HTML etc.

Mobile access for your documents.

Work offsite and retrieve scanned documents from remote locations.

Create searchable PDF reports and documents

Review and annotate

Automatically keep track of your documents

Automatically order your documents using a stored index

Automatically recognize text and place it into correct fields

Compatibility: Windows, Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader

Why use DocManager?

An office desktop is simply too cumbersome to be trusted with the responsibility of entering, editing,
and storing your business critical data. A powerful document management system like DocManager will
provide a cost effective solution to your problems. It can easily manage, store, order, annotate,
search, convert and manage your documents. Document Management with DocManager lets you feel free to
focus on your critical work.
You can also access your data remotely from any computer/ mobile.
A desktop solution is a more cost effective and low-maintenance solution than a full-fledged desktop
version of your business. A desktop solution will take care of your documents but it will not be able
to sync to your remote location and automate the process of retrieving documents remotely.
The ultimate advantage of desktop solutions is that they are lighter on your IT resources and server.
When your business operations depend on the timely retrieval of documents, it becomes essential to have a
desktop document management system. DocManager can bring the documents to your desktop with an
intuitive and easy to use interface and provide you with a central repository for your documents.
To make your documents more searchable, annotable and mobile, DocManager comes with plug-ins for
Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF, as well as for many popular Content Management Systems.
DocManager is the answer to your documents dilemmas. It’s a complete document management solution
that will allow you to manage, store, index, search, convert and manage your documents.
DocManager easily manages, stores, orders, annotates, indexes, searches, converts and manages your
documents. It’s a complete solution for managing your documents with full document management features
such as viewing, printing, sending through Email, fax, and more.
Document management software removes the burden of having to


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