KEYMACRO is a free-to-use keyboard recorder. Record macros in many of your favorite applications, which makes keyboard programming much more efficient and convenient.
Keymacro uses an effective keystroke recorder. A script is a sequence of keystrokes. In addition, you can create complex macros and activate them by pressing a button on your keyboard.
This app will save you so much time! Do you know that it takes a long time to create programs or scripts for your computer? Do you want to spend more time on other things? The application Keymacro for your computer will help you record macros for your favorite applications with just a few keystrokes. The ability to record and store the script in your phone or tablet and later access and run the program makes it even more convenient.
The Keymacro app makes it easy to record macros in any application:
– Open the application for recording
– Select an application to run the macro
– Press the “Record Macro” button
– Create your macros, press the “save” button
– To return to the previous application, press the “home” button
Start recording your macros with a simple “press and go!”
Keymacro, a powerful and easy to use application, was developed by US-based company INSPIRATORY, Inc. Keymacro is available for free and includes paid version for $1.99.
• The APP uses Keymacro technology, a powerful and easy-to-use keystroke recorder.
• Select the desired application and start recording the macro.
• To return to the previous application, press the “home” button.
• Create your macros, press the “save” button.
• Use one-touch buttons to activate macros.
• The “Record Macro” button is grayed out while recording.
• Store the script on your device for later use.
• Start recording using one-touch buttons.
• Choose the font type for recording.
• The script is saved with a one-time keystroke (one-time code) and you can save it as many times as you want.
Note: If you would like to use the third-party service Keymacro Cloud, you must purchase the INSPIRATORY Connect version.
Do you want to record a macro but the application does not open?
When you press the “Record Macro” button in the application, a dialog box will pop up. d82f892c90

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KeyMACRO is a utility that will help you to easily convert different key types into different files.
The application allows you to specify the type of the file that you want to create. In the next step you can specify what character set you need to use. To avoid any complications, you can specify the encoding and the character set.
After pressing the ‘Create file’ button the program will create a new file. It will display the details about the generated file. You can move the file anywhere you want to, but it is recommended to leave it in the same directory as the original file.
After that, you can close the program and proceed to the next task.
In case the file has been created properly, you will be prompted with another interface. In the second step, you need to rename the file. You can choose the name that you want, and then you need to confirm the name change.
It is important to mention that you need to create a file for each new type of character that you want to convert. As soon as the required file is created, you can move the file out of the program interface.
If you want to convert more than one type of file, you need to use the ‘Create list’ button and create a new file for each of the steps that you need. The result of each step will be moved to the specified directory.
Since it’s not a multi-threaded application, the speed of the processing is not that high. Additionally, it is slow when you work with more files.
To sum up, KeyMACRO is a useful utility that will save you time and effort, since it will automatically convert the text files in different types.
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This is a reliable data-cleaning tool. It will help you to remove old files, junk files, and temporary files, as well as unwanted registry entries, cache data, and system logs that you don’t need.
In order to work properly, you need to specify a specific data path, and it will automatically detect all the files that you don’t need. The program will scan your system and it will display a list of all the files that it can remove.
If you want to perform an unattended operation, you need to manually select the files.
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