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A simple and quick way to create blocks of prerecorded music from the internet.
Astonishing new service BlockParty makes your mp3 player automatically “record” new internet streams. This neat service automatically creates blocks of mp3-format files and archives them in a handy sub-directory on your desktop.
BlockParty gives you the power to schedule the creation of these blocks of music without having to write a single line of code!
BlockParty is easy to use and is extremely reliable. It automatically breaks up recordings into blocks. Once scheduled, these blocks are created and are seamlessly synchronized to your iPod, or your pc for playback using your favourite MP3 player software.
When a new block is ready, the player will seamlessly play it back.
BlockParty is simple, easy to use and can be accessed at any time from any workstation.
BlockParty’s Songbook feature (available from the menu on the main interface) allows you to search for and download a directory of prerecorded music for your own personal use.
Amazing new feature: “Auto-merge”
Automatic deletion of old blocks.
Scheduling blocks every X minutes, or every X days at a specific time.
It will allow you to create the perfect playlist as well as a bunch of great music!
No no no, the file has not been deleted. The blocks are simply “swept” or deleted by the system. This process can take several seconds for large files.
You can stop this process at anytime by pressing the button “Stop Auto-Merge”.
Installation and configuration are very easy.
The download comes with a wmv file, which you can view with Windows Media Player (or any other video player). Once configured, you can stop the service once you are done with it.
BlockParty has a very good looking menu bar and detailed user manual.
BlockParty Overview Video:

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BlockParty Free Download

Who knew that setting up a SHOUTcast server would be so easy?!
Everyone needs a good, simple way to add music to their SHOUTcast server from anywhere in the world. And everyone can benefit from a reliable scheduling software that makes uploading music files as easy as clicking one button.
The BlockParty Download With Full Crack recording scheduler takes these basics and builds a great way to manage and schedule your music from the internet. The built-in player is perfect for getting content on your iPod and other MP3 compatible devices.
· Upload content to a SHOUTcast server from any PC, Mac, or Linux computer.
· Schedule live streams to become available in many different ways.
· Get access to hundreds of millions of songs in our proprietary library.
· Automatically pull music from the web based on your chosen limitations.
· Every song will have its own name on a file containing the track art and artist information.
· Get up to 48 hours of MP3s when you schedule live streams.
· Synch the recordings to your iPod, Zune, or any other MP3 compatible device.
· Recite your email by entering your email address directly into the scheduler.
· Publish updates to your web site immediately after you record content.
· Set options to limit playback time for each block, control the number of blocks to automatically play, and turn your blocks into individual songs.
· Keep a log of every session and track file on your PC.
· Export recordings to MP3 files that work with any compatible MP3 player or laptop.
· Includes a simple web page that creates the SHOUTcast URL from your computer or email address and allows the user to change the URL to any of the recorded tracks.
· The generated URL is used to download the relevant file.
· Works with any SHOUTcast-compatible server.
· Includes a built-in player and settings to control the way the track plays.
· Supports Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
Please email [email protected] for a free 30-day trial period. Pricing begins at $69.95 for unlimited time.
System Requirements:
· BlockParty must be installed on your Windows 2000 or later server.
· PC or MAC
· 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor
· Apple Power Mac G4
· 1 GB of RAM or more
· 1 GB of free hard drive space for BlockParty and Recording Software.
· 8GB of


BlockParty is a small open source online music scheduler and recording service that allows you to record music streams from the Internet. Use the built-in player to play the recorded music back right away. To sync the recorded music to your iPod/Computer, you can manually download them to your iPods file system or sync the iPod or computer to iTunes.
* Simple and easy to use
* Built-in player for recording online music streams
* Automated recording and playback
* Support for multiple iPod, Computer and USB devices
* Support for SHOUTcast streams
* Automatically track MP3 files for iPad, iPod, etc.
* Automatically track MP3 files for iPhone, etc.
* Built-in modules for using with other software
* Easy to upgrade and customize
* Open Source. Easy to customize and extend
* Supports SHOUTcast-compatible streaming audio
* Playback with built-in player and/or iTunes synchronization, automatic tracking and syncing to iPod and Computer
* Supports automatically creating playlists for your iPod and/or other MP3-compatible devices
BlockParty Latest Version Update:
( Released 1-4-2011
Fixed some bugs
* Fixed bug with iPod hansels in multiple devices mode
* Fixed bug with iOS 5
* Fixed bug with iPod hansels in multiple devices mode
BlockParty Creator Description:
BlockParty is designed to make recording SHOUTcast-compatible music from the internet quick and easy. Getting new content onto your computer, iPod, or other MP3-compatible player has never been easier.
BlockParty’s recording scheduler can break a live stream up into a series of “blocks” by a pre-determined file size or time constraint. Play the recordings back using the built-in player. Or sync them to your iPod (or any other MP3-compatible player) and enjoy them on the go. Getting new content onto your computer or portable player has never been easier!
DjPlayer Creator Description:
DjPlayer is a powerful and flexible HTML5 media player. It features state-of-the-art HTML5 and JavaScript APIs and allows you to control your media in realtime. It’s extremely light-weight with no requirement to install any plugin or extension into your web browser. Users of iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile devices will love it – it doesn’t require downloading and installing third-party apps, or configuring

What’s New in the BlockParty?

•Record shoutcast or wav streams, even those over 35mb/sec (XSPF)
•Create big 5-10 minute blocks of recorded music from one or multiple live Internet Streams
•Play the blocks back using the built-in player.
•The recordings can be synced to any MP3-compatible player
•Download content direct to your iPod or other MP3 Player
Installation instructions:
1. Download and install the latest version of IsoSnap.
2. Download BlockParty.
3. Install BlockParty and open it.
4. Click the big green Start BlockParty button.
5. Select the Internet Stream that you want to record and click the big start recording button.
That’s it. You’re all done. The rest is easy.
Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]
26 Jul 2003 12:45:59 GMT
IAC provides a mechanism for collecting statistics on IRC traffic.
Installation Instructions:
[1] Install the IAC package as usual.
[2] Log into your IRC server.
[3] Run the IAC daemon. You may need to start it as “daemon iac”.
[4] When the daemon starts it will put the IAC daemon executable in your path.
[5] Type “iac” to bring up the IAC shell.
iac [-h] [-u] [-r server] [-p port] [-f] [-i] [-l]
-h, –help
Display usage information.
-u, –unit
To collect HTTP traffic (default).
-r, –server
To connect to the IRC server.
-p, –port
To connect to the IRC server on the specified port (default is 6667).
-f, –force
Whether or not to ignore the server’s “no users allowed” message. (default is no).
-i, –ignore-info-cc
Ignore any “Client Ident” messages from the server (default is no

System Requirements For BlockParty:

Supported OS: PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).
Processor: Intel or AMD compatible with DirectX 11.
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11-compatible, supported graphics card with 256 MB of dedicated video memory; Monitor: 1280×1024 resolution; Hard Drive: 2 GB of available hard drive space; Sound Card: Direct X-compatible sound card with stereo output; Keyboard: Windows compatible keyboard with a standard 104-key layout; Mouse: Microsoft compatible mouse with a standard three-button (left, right, middle)