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Category:Software companies of the United StatesGostopidze

Gostopidze ( ) is a Georgian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Gorgo Gostopidze (1927–2013), Georgian and Soviet poet, writer and translator
Ioana Gostopidze (b. 1958), Georgian actress
Mariam Gostopidze (b. 1967), Georgian women’s basketball player
Nino Gostopidze (b. 1987), Georgian footballer
Tamar Gostopidze (b. 1980), Georgian politician
Vakhtang Gostopidze (b. 1982), Georgian footballer
Vanna Gostopidze (1923–1998), Georgian noble woman, public figure and wife of Stalin
Vano Gostopidze (b. 1946), Georgian politician
Vazha Gostopidze (1926–1990), Georgian actor and stage director
Vazha Gostopidze (b. 1943), Georgian politician
Vazha Gostopidze (b. 1960), Georgian politician

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Gostopis, a municipality in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland
Gostopo, village and municipality in the administrative district of Tachnik in the Krško District of Slovenia
Gostopo, village in the Republic of Macedonia
Gostopo, village in the Republic of Macedonia
Gostópolis (disambiguation)
Gostopis, a village in North MacedoniaPOST /upload HTTP/1.1
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