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AutoCAD is a desktop application. A CAD application that runs on a computer with an internal graphics controller, it is designed to provide a sketching and drafting environment on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with a mouse and keyboard.

CAD software also refers to the drafting tools available in CAD applications. It includes drafting, which is the creation of a design plan, such as architectural blueprints or architectural drawings. The primary drafting tools available in AutoCAD are lines, arcs, ellipses, circles, and polylines. Other drafting tools are splines, sweep, and 3D sketches.

AutoCAD is both a modeling application and a drawing application. It is designed to allow users to create 2D or 3D, structural, mechanical, electrical, or other engineering designs. 3D objects can be manipulated in the 2D drafting application to make a 3D representation. AutoCAD can also make 2D and 3D graphical representations of equations. The representation of equations has become a popular alternative to writing out equations in traditional notation.


1. Open the AutoCAD program.

2. Select “File” from the main menu, or type “File” on the keyboard.

3. Select “New”.

4. If there are any documents open in AutoCAD, the “Open Recent Documents” dialog box is displayed. Select one of the documents in the list, or press the Enter key to open it. If there are no documents open, the New Document dialog box is displayed.

5. Name the new document.

6. Click the “OK” button. The new document opens.

7. Select “File” from the main menu, or type “File” on the keyboard.

8. Select “Save As” to save the new document.

9. Enter a name for the file.

10. Click the “Save” button.

11. Close the dialog box.

AutoCAD was developed with many different types of users in mind. It is designed for anyone who wants to make a basic sketch on a desktop computer.

1. Open the AutoCAD program.

2. Select “File” from the main menu, or type “File” on the keyboard.

3. Select “New”.

4. If there are any documents open in AutoCAD, the “Open

AutoCAD 2018 22.0

Oracle-based applications for AutoCAD Crack Keygen used in some AutoCAD publishers.

Extends AutoCAD with scripting capabilities: AutoIt3, AutoCAD scripting and ParaPost

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AutoCAD 2018 22.0 Free License Key

Go to the Autocad Preferences and click on the Use tab.
Click on the Add button.
Open the auto.key file using notepad or equivalent program.
Add the serial key to the autocad.cfg file

Example autocad.cfg content (must use a bit different syntax than the key above)
useonstartup: yes

customer = {PARAMETERS}
licenseType = {PARAMETERS}


OSGCodeGeneratorDirectory: {PARAMETERS}



What’s New In?

Refinement surfaces (video: 2:15 min.)

If you want to add surface refinement, color and texturing to your designs, the one and only way to do so is to edit the surface. (video: 4:45 min.)

Easier design collaboration

CAD professionals in any field can benefit from the new AutoCAD collaboration features. Check out the video (4:03 min.) for more details.

Partial mesh

You can now export and import partial meshes for the first time, meaning you can easily save your work as a partial mesh, for example to import it in a previous version of AutoCAD.

More tools for the architecture community

Planetary surface

You can now add planetary surface-based annotations, such as ground text, to your plans, to convey information about the 3D design, such as which building will be tallest, or to indicate the difficulty of a project, such as bridges, steep slopes, or high slopes. These surface annotations appear as 3D text on top of the 2D drawing when you plot your designs.

Deckline and beamline

You can add 3D lines and beams to your 2D drawings, marking areas that require additional attention in the design process. These are static visual aids that don’t interact with the design.

Advanced drilling

Drilling tools in AutoCAD have been updated with two new features: 6,000-degree multi-hole drilling and automatic deep hole drilling. You can drill a large number of holes with only a few clicks and, if necessary, remove them all at once.

Ivy Bridge integration

If you’re still using an older architecture version of AutoCAD, you can now use the latest iteration of AutoCAD with the most recent architecture extension, Ivy Bridge. When you open your AutoCAD file with a previous architecture extension, AutoCAD prompts you to select the architecture version you want to use.

Building blocks for the fashion industry

Users in the fashion industry can now quickly model clothes and accessories on a 3D mesh and customize each part in the context of the model.

Improved compliance with international building code standards

Advanced building feature in AutoCAD Architecture

You can now create advanced building types in AutoCAD Architecture. The features enable you to quickly design and edit advanced building types, such as the following: Building walls that can be built with

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