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Backing up a AutoCAD drawing saves the drawing along with drawings stored on the desktop or in a database. You can also save an AutoCAD drawing as a PDF file that can be printed or uploaded to a file server.

See “AutoCAD and Autodesk 365 Basics,” for more information on the basic functions and features of AutoCAD.

Frequently asked questions about AutoCAD

What is AutoCAD? AutoCAD is a computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) software application that allows users to create drawings (or models) in two or three dimensions.

Why is AutoCAD important for drafting? In recent years, architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and homeowners have been making more three-dimensional drawings than ever before. Many professionals rely on computer-generated images to prepare construction drawings, for example, floor plans and elevations.

AutoCAD is used by architects, engineers, and designers. AutoCAD is typically used for generating architectural, engineering, construction, and computer-aided design images and symbols. AutoCAD is also used to prepare technical drawing plans and drawings, such as 3D views of machinery, equipment, and systems. AutoCAD is also used by designers to create three-dimensional images.

AutoCAD is used for product design, building construction, mechanical and architectural drafting, electrical, plumbing, lighting, heating, and ventilation design, machinery and equipment design, and computer-aided design (CAD) for industrial and other products.

How does AutoCAD work? Most major AutoCAD users connect to the Internet, install AutoCAD software, and then start creating drawings. AutoCAD is a desktop application, not a web-based application. If you have a standard Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari, and you have a standard home or work computer, you can download and install AutoCAD software from the Autodesk website.

What types of AutoCAD files can I export? AutoCAD is used to create standard drawings, such as plans, sections, and elevations, as well as three-dimensional images of mechanical and industrial products, buildings, and machinery. Many AutoCAD users also use AutoCAD for professional graphics that include special effects, textures, and lighting. These drawings can include labels, symbols, and text and are usually saved in PDF format. You can

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CADML The (computer-aided design) model language for design and documentation is CADML. CADML was developed by IBM starting in the mid-1980s and was later adopted by Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes. CADML/M is Autodesk’s CADML-based structural modeling software.

Customizing objects
AutoCAD allows users to customize the properties of a selected object to suit their needs. Before AutoCAD 2010, properties were not saved with the object, meaning that changing any property would be lost on load, requiring one to manually create a new drawing. In AutoCAD 2010, it is now possible to save properties with an object, allowing users to make the object look as they want it to look, even when they move or resize the object. Some types of objects, such as block groups and other specialized objects such as surface linework or line breaks, are not altered by their properties after saving. On the other hand, other object properties, such as linetype, color, lineweight, etc., are saved and can be accessed after saving.

The customization of objects can be done by editing directly or indirectly a property value. Editing directly a property value may be done by double-clicking the property or dragging the property line up or down, either in the Properties palette, the Customize dialogue box or the Customize toolbar.

Editing indirectly a property value may be done by performing a series of steps:
Select a property (e.g., the original color), then
In the Properties palette, select Edit
In the Properties palette, click the small arrow at the end of the value, then
In the drop-down menu of the Properties palette, choose Edit Property Value
In the Properties palette, double-click the property (e.g., the new color) to edit the property directly.
Select the property (e.g., the original color), then
In the Properties palette, select Edit
In the Properties palette, click the arrow at the end of the property value, then
In the drop-down menu of the Properties palette, choose Change to Property Value

Browsing properties
The properties of an object can be saved to file with the object (see “Serialization” section). When the object is loaded, it is possible to restore the properties to the object. This allows users to make a block of text look as they want it to look even when they move or resize the block

AutoCAD 20.1 (Final 2022)

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What’s New In?

Draw in a completely new way:

Navigate and place your drawings in a different way. Move with the viewport. Draw on the wrong side of the page. Draw in the foreground and background. Use different layouts.

Import and edit JPG images:

Now you can edit JPG images (e.g. icons, charts) in your drawings. Simply import JPG files and select which parts of the image to edit.

Paint and edit line art:

Draw vectors and add strokes using a brush. Apply a variety of line art editing tools and controls such as Round Corner, Trim and Color.

Convert to DWF and DWFx:

Create professional-quality DWF (and DWFx) files in a single step. DWF and DWFx format preserves the very best aspects of AutoCAD.

New commands:

Speed up work with new commands that instantly complete common drawing tasks. Also, new commands that help you improve your 3D drawings, such as a new set of 3D commands. New commands include:

Delete to Start:

Select the drawing object you want to start deleting and press Enter. You are no longer asked to select the start point.

Copy to Path:

Select the object you want to use as the path for the copy operation. When you press Enter, the path appears with the line you’ve selected.

Draw Envelope:

Create and save an envelope around your drawing or drawing objects.

Fill with Segment:

Fill a drawing object with an exact shape (segment), whether you choose one object or several objects.

New objects:

Every drawing now has four main sections: paper space, page space, annotation space, and drawing space.

New commands and editing tools:

New commands include:

Go to Drafting:

Move to a layout level within a drawing space and save the view as a drawing, or return to paper space. (video: 1:45 min.)

Undo Changes in Drawing:

Undo changes made in a drawing after it has been saved.

Fit to Paper:

Fit your drawing or layout to your paper and leave the extra space on the paper as a margin.

Switch to Paper:

Switch to paper space, or a

System Requirements:

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