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Category:Atlas-produced climatic recordsLobelia geniculata

Lobelia geniculata, the marsh pennywort or black-spotted lobelia, is an aquatic species of flowering plant in the family Campanulaceae.

It is found in Western Europe and North America, and occurs in parts of Australia.

It is a perennial herb which grows from underground rhizomes to one metre tall. The alternate leaves have long narrow leaves, which have distinctive mottled red and black coloured venation.

The inflorescences are racemes with five to twenty small yellow flowers. They are bisexual, with a yellow corolla with a dark centre.

This plant is commonly used as an aquarium plant due to its hardy nature and low water requirements.

The plant was first published in 1759 by Carl Linnaeus as a species of Campanula; his description was based on plants collected in Sweden by Abraham Achard. It was transferred to Lobelia in 1838 by Carl Peter Thunberg, and the specific epithet geniculata was provided to describe the blunt spines on the fruits.

The southern African species Lobelia tenerrima has a similar appearance to L. geniculata, and is sometimes mis-identified.


Category:Plants described in 1759Just a month after releasing a posthumous set from Stone Temple Pilots, the band has announced that former band member Scott Weiland will be releasing a solo album this spring.

Weiland’s “EVE (Everyways Even Though Everything)” will be released on April 17 via Bloodshot Records. The tracklisting for the upcoming album is listed below.

In a Facebook video announcement, Weiland said, “I’ve been playing a lot of music in the last few years and have always wanted to record. It was really only a matter of time. I’ve been busy with a number of other projects and just felt this is the time to do it, and I’m really excited about it. I have a really good team.”

The posthumous release is just the latest in a recent string of solo projects by Weiland. In February, he released a collaborative album with Sharon


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