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Argente Utilities review

Argente Utilities is a complete set of utilities with which you can protect your privacy, speed up your PC, and protect your privacy. In addition, it does not require any installation. Simply download the software from the official website and save it to your computer. You can run the app even without the Internet connection.

The installation process is pretty easy. Click on the file, and a dialog will appear, where you can choose the destination. After installation, Argente Utilities will be placed in the following folder: Start > All Programs > Argente Utilities.

The interface is very user-friendly. All controls and settings are organized in the task panel. The default view consists of three tabs – general, system, and startup. Under system tab, you will be able to configure settings for app shortcuts, cleaning, system optimization, and more. You can choose to exclude unwanted programs, configure the spyware process, set the deactivation of Windows Explorer, and more. Startup lets you adjust the system startup process by including or excluding items such as programs, services, and startup items.

The application is capable of fixing a variety of common Windows issues and problems. This allows you to improve PC performance and protect your privacy. Argente Utilities works in Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10, and is available for free.


– A feature-rich set of tools
– Designed for Windows 10
– Works on all Windows versions


– Only for Windows

Argente Utilities can be downloaded here. Do you like the software? You can share your experience with others by clicking on the green button below.

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Argente Utilities 2021 X64 [2022-Latest]

Have a clean PC and protect it against malicious software, spyware and adware? Argente Utilities helps you by providing a complete set of tools for cleaning, analyzing and protecting the PC.
This software works from your desktop and takes less than two minutes to set up.
Overview of the user interface:
This software comes with a rather simple interface that allows you to quickly access all its features and tools. All your options are grouped in the main window, where the most frequently used features can be found in just a few seconds. In the left column, you can access all main sections of the software, while the right column opens all windows for details of selected items.
Main sections:
All features and tools available through the software are placed in the top menu of the main window. You can access all app components from just one click.
Main windows:
The main window displays all main sections of the app.
Main windows:
The main window displays all windows available for the current selected system items.
The software comes with a full set of tools for cleaning, analyzing and protecting the PC.
Cleaning, analyzing and protecting tasks:
The main window of the software comes with an integrated one-click clean or additional maintenance options. More than 300 tasks can be performed with just one click. It also contains intuitive cleaning tools, thus you won’t have to go through laborious manual tasks.
System & quick links:
There are more than 250 system-related tools, including registry cleaning, cleaning, disk de-cluttering, system restore, task scheduler, driver de-installer, uninstaller and shortcuts de-installer.
Registry cleaning:
This tool helps you remove browser bookmark, feed list, auto repair history and other files and folders that can slow down PC performance, install unwanted tools, registry errors and other things.
System restore:
This tool helps you uninstall programs, reset browser settings and uninstall unwanted tools. It also runs on the system startup to automate tasks.
Active process manager:
The software displays system data on all active processes, as well as lets you kill them individually.
Spyware definitions:
This section is used for tracking and removing malware detected by the system. The software allows you to define a detailed search for the malware definition, as well as to create exclusion and exclusion list that will remove the detected malware without your approval.
Browser protection & cleanup:
This tool will keep your browser safe from annoying pop-ups,

Argente Utilities 2021 With License Key Free

There are various software solutions for cleaning the computer that you can use. The problem, though, is that such programs are rarely the right choice, due to the fact that they may create many problems for the system or even delete some of your files or folders. With Argente Utilities, you can quickly and safely rid your PC of all unwanted files and get rid of all junk files that may corrupt your OS. The utility comes with a set of easy tools that will allow you to keep your PC in the best shape and create a flawless system.
You should opt for this free tool immediately, since it can be installed from the Windows software store for free. However, this is not a guarantee that the app will work without any glitches. The good news is that the Argente Utilities has a large selection of useful features, allowing you to keep track of your PC and secure it from all unwanted malware. It will take a few minutes to get familiar with the interface and use all the features, but do not worry, we have a few tips for newbies.
You will find out that the main menu is neatly organized and packed with useful tools. It is divided into five main tabs, namely:
• Tools
• Settings
• Help and Support
• Account
• Feedback
You can use the Settings tab to configure your preferences, while the Help and Support section offers guides, tips and tricks for all users. The Account tab will offer you an option to create an account so that you can access the application features and be informed about what it is doing on your PC. The Feedback tab offers an option to let the developer know about any bugs, errors or issues that you may come across in the app.
Argente Utilities Features
Some of the features you can find in the Argente Utilities:
• Scanner
• Cleaner
• Reset UAC setting
• Manual clean
• Repair Registry
• Repair WINDOWS
• Repair HKEY
• Delete temp files
• Repair Junk
• Registry clean
• Junk file scan
• Hard disk scan
• Protect PC
• Launcher app
• Startup manager
• Privacy guard
• Privacy monitor
• Recyclebin restore
• AppLocker Settings
• AppLocker monitoring
• Remove app
• Launcher remove
• Launcher
• Startup manager
• Startup manager
• Task manager
• Startup
• Startup
• Task scheduler
• Task scheduler
• Task scheduler
• Task scheduler
• Startup

What’s New in the?

Clean and intuitive interface
Easily customize preferences to clean the PC
Optimize the system in just a few simple steps
Eliminate spyware and fix common Windows issues
Argente Utilities Crack is a all-in-one application system utility software which is packed with powerful tools that quickly and efficiently helps you to clean, fix, encrypt, optimize and maintain your computer, your system and network connections. It also provides an enormous list of fantastic tools. You can use it to provide you all the permissions and access to the various features provided by Windows.
Argente Utilities (Argente) is an application suite for Windows which is tailor-made to meet the requirements of computer users of all experience levels. The program offers a wide range of intuitive and approachable tools to help you clean, fix, encrypt, optimize and maintain your PC, system and network connections.

Argente Utilities Crack + Registration Code [Latest Version]

Argente Utilities Registration Code is used to allow you to run the application for free. So that you will avoid spending money. You can use it without paying anything. You can use the registration code and uninstall the application from the Windows Store to get the software for free. A direct link is provided in the description of this website to download your software for free. Argente Utilities has been tested by our system to ensure the strength and security of its download.

What’s new in Argente Utilities

· Fixed:

1. Optimize:

Linux: in several cases, the program would not successfully remove the Lock.

2. Windows:

– Fixed: the uninstalling process is not allowed by the Account Manager.

You can now clean the Windows registry using all kinds of invisible entries that not only make your system totally clean but also help to protect it.

In addition to the default, you can create a Registry Exclusion List, a Windows Security List and a Local Security List to provide the greatest security. In addition, you can define a Remote Security List, which is used to protect the network.

2. Windows shortcuts:

the program could not install the correct desktop shortcuts and you were unable to customize them. Now the arrows can be displayed on desktop shortcuts.

3. Erase non-responding processes:

You can specify which executable is running and not responding for the Windows process manager. You can also select the interval between process

System Requirements:

Hard Drive: A 4.2GB Hard Drive is recommended for optimum performance.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM is recommended.
Video Card: A Graphics card is not required to run the game. However, a good one is recommended.
DirectX: Version 11
Audio: Windows 7 and higher are required.
Windows: 8 or higher
Processor: Any Processor that meets the minimum requirements is acceptable.
Additional Notes:
In order to use Steam, you need to be running Steam