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You can use your iPad to control your home automation from anywhere in the world.


With Syncing of Leds and Wall Controller you can let your display show whatever you want and control it remotely with your iPad.


The exclusive AmbiPro is a complete light controller. It has features like lighting synchronization, user displays and programmable time frames that allow you to control your home lighting, like never before.


Keek may not be an app that everyone will use, but it’s worth taking a look at. It’s meant to be an app that sits in the background and watches your feed for changes. Once it notices one, it’ll alert you and, if you approve, let you make changes. It’s all in the name of giving you more control over your feed.


There are a lot of very interesting apps on the market right now. Some of them are made by developers, some by big companies and some are just made by one person with a great idea. Among these apps, there are a few that stand out from the crowd and become real winners. The one that has claimed my attention for quite a while is WeatherFan. In the most simplified terms, WeatherFan is an app that tells you what the weather is going to be like tomorrow or in two days, by using current or forecast temperature and humidity levels to make predictions.


You may not realize it, but many of the features that people take for granted come from great ideas that other people had. The first time anyone thought of an app like Shazam was recorded by Max Fauche. Max had originally been inspired by seeing someone else use it, and he wondered how they’d done it. He added some of his own ideas to the app that eventually became Shazam. Still using the app today, we now use it all the time to identify songs.


GameMate 2 is an app that’s been designed to help players level up their game. It’s a free app that can be installed on your iOS device with a tap. Once it’s installed, your game is connected to it and GameMate automatically controls your game from a friend’s device or from the web. It’s never been easier to battle your way through a game.


Over the past few years, smartphones have become a huge part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine a

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A universal Arduino IDE for your computer.

Affordable, reliable and useful software with rich automation features.
The powerful Arduino IDE is a unified software package that allows you to develop your own
Arduino projects quickly and easily. It includes all of the hardware tools you’ll need to get started, such as
installing your own Arduino or ArduinoShields, uploading sketches, using various peripherals and more.
Your programs look beautiful on the large touch screens of your monitor, tablet or smartphone thanks to
Arduino’s perfectly responsive user interface.
With many features and innovations, Arduino IDE is a true universal tool for developers. Don’t miss it!

Arduino Host IDE
You can upload sketches without a board!
Compile sketches to Arduino
Use the powerful Arduino Debugger
Create Virtual Arduino Shields
Create Virtual Shields for Arduino
Simulate a real Arduino
Create your own Arduino with Arduino Host IDE
Create your own Arduino with Arduino Nano
Add Files to Your Arduino
In addition to these great features, the IDE also provides various utilities and features.
Key ones are:
Serial Monitor (COM1/COM2)
On-screen Debugger
Upload sketches via FTP
Download sketches from FTP
Create virtual Arduino Shields

Update Library

Create your own Library

Write your own Library

Arduino Quick Start

Show Softwares and Boards

Complete info in forums

Duel with other Arduino creators
Check out Arduino IDE on
Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee your safety while using any programs due to
variable network connections and potential heavy uploads.
If you want to report a bug or feature request, feel free to contact us by sending an email
at [email protected]

AmbiPro is a universal Arduino IDE for your computer which basically allows you to program in Arduino-type chips without using a board or any other hardware as a platform. In fact, it gives you the full functionality of such a board, right in your computer, via a web browser.
This combination of the Arduino platform and the web browser will allow you to create

AmbiPro Patch With Serial Key PC/Windows

A clean, elegant, easy-to-use Arduino IDE for Windows

Support for Serial, USB, and Ethernet connections

With the Arduino IDE and the Arduino library in place, creating an Arduino program is a snap

Software features include temperature control, humidity control, ambient light control, object recognition, binary IO, endless namespaces, and more.

Looking for more ‘Arduino IDE’ features? The Arduino LIBRARY is available separately

Visit the Arduino web site to learn more about Arduino and its design philosophy

AmbiPro Features:

Create Arduino programs from your Windows PC

Create projects using Arduino’s IDE & Libraries

Instant sketches available (no install necessary)

Write universal sketches to target any Arduino board

Compile a sketch into a fast Arduino core

You can immediately upload your sketch to an Arduino, eliminating the need for a separate uploader and sketch compile process

You can target other Arduino boards from your Windows PC

Use Serial Terminal, USB Connection, or Ethernet to interact with Arduino boards

Online Digital I/O and Binary File IO

An Arduino USB-Serial Terminal provides familiar serial communication, and the native Windows Serial Port Console is easily configured, and works like a champ

Find hundreds of ready-made libraries, or create your own

Support for Arduino I2C, SPI, and analog

Use the built-in libraries to easily implement most common microcontroller peripheral modules

No installation is required

AmbiPro is a great tool for those who are planning to create LED bulb projects, or develop some other Arduino project. What’s more, AmbiPro offers an excellent Linux version that also comes with the core of the Arduino technology, making it possible for the user to experiment in conjunction with hardware.

[Jay Versace] has been working on this Arduino-based ambient lighting system for a while, but had to pause when the economy went belly up. Now he’s back and needs a budget so he’s taken the easy way out (and never take the easy way out, right?)- he’s turned to Kickstarter.

Here’s the plan, [Jay] will use Arduino to make the bulbs, and the software will control everything from the PC. He will also make some deals with manufacturers of specific products, and if he gets enough backers, he’ll expand, creating custom lighting products.

He wants to open

What’s New In?

AmbiPro is a free program for Windows that allows you to control LED strips using Arduino-style compatible electronic components. The program can be used for creating ambient lighting using individual strips, multi-colored strips, strings of LEDs, or any other LED setup using only a standard Arduino board with 6 digital outputs and an extra pin for the power.
Control any number of Arduino-compatible single-color strips
Connect Arduino to the Internet via Ethernet or Serial Port
Reliable 5V regulated power for the Arduino
Control Internet-connected devices via web page display
Control via Serial Port
LED strips can be controlled using more than one COM port
Fade mode
Day cycle timer
Calibrate multiple strips simultaneously
Flash mode
Keypad mode
Flexible PWM Speed

Easily sync readings from a Humidity or Temperature sensor to any Arduino-ready light strip.
Great for working on mechanical, water, or weather projects.
Contains the controller, strip, and the needed communications.
For the Arduino Uno, there is no need to open the project on-board IDE or upload by hand. Let it do the work and get to coding.

3D Prints:

Corr Tumbler.jpg (609.62 KiB) Viewed 1665 times

How to Use:

Just plug the module into the micro-usb port of the Arduino and power the circuit. There is a positive voltage regulator on board that provides power to the Arduino via USB connection.

Control the mode and the speed of the LED strips. In Slow mode, the LED strips will pulse between OFF and ON states. In Fast mode, the LED strips will remain fully ON the entire time, but the brightness will vary according to the programmed speed level.

Compatible with:

Arduino boards that have digital pins 0 to 9 available.

Built in current limiting circuit protects the LED strip and the Micro-USB connection.

The LiPo battery pack is contained in the plastic case.

Current Limiting Circuit:

The current limiting circuit prevents the use of battery pack that puts more than 5A in the micro-usb port. There is a 5A fuse on board that will break the circuit and stop the Arduinu from using the USB port. It will still be able to use the USB port for other purposes.

Unique Features:

The 3D printed case and the translucent housing make this

System Requirements:

– OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
– CPU: 2 GHz
– RAM: 512 MB
– Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card
– CD-ROM: Windows installer
– Sound: Windows compatible Sound card or headphones
– Controller: Xbox 360 or PS3 controller
– Hard Drive: 20 GB free space
– Other: Internet connection and USB 2.0 or better
– Main screen resolution: 1024×768